Types of lighting a country house

17.09.2010 16:38
Articles about the construction | Types of lighting a country house Ordering of the landscape lighting project, the client often can not articulate what effect he expects, and says simply: to be beautiful. Help him decide to professional architect and lighting designer who, guided by the rules create a composition, offer the most viable option as an aesthetic and practical point of view. In the arsenal of experts have the following basic techniques.

Flood lighting - the most simple functional method, largely used to illuminate the auxiliary area or perimeter of the site. Floodlight mounted on high poles.

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General lighting - used for this purpose crowning fixtures (for example, "Pushkin's lanterns") which are installed along the paths and avenues, near recreation areas and other places. The customer will be offered a choice of many corporate plafonds different configurations, colors, size.

Marking lights
- used to create a light path - highlight border pedestrian and vehicle tracks or indicate the direction of motion. Choice of coverage is enormous: half-meter bars ("Ballard"), illuminated pavers ("Rick") and so on. g. A common requirement for them - high degree of protection from mechanical damage.

Decorative lighting - lighting plants, water reservoirs, fountains and other small architectural forms. There is at least two basic techniques: illumination from the ground - a searchlight or portable lamps, and above, which uses lights, not harmful to plants. The main requirement for such decorative fixtures - their maximum stealth.

Coverage of the reservoir - is more complicated, but at the same time, more effective methods, allowing the right approach to achieve amazing results. It uses the Hermetic lighting with a voltage not exceeding 12 W.
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