To demolish or reconstruct: building a new house instead of the old

22.06.2012 17:30
Articles about the construction | To demolish or reconstruct: building a new house instead of the old Build a house, even on a free site, it's not the easiest. Even more complicated if the land holdings are buildings that you no longer need, and in their place you want to build a new cottage or a townhouse. Today is sort out how to build a house on the site, which is still occupied by another building.

The situation described above is not hypothetical, can result in a very concrete example. A family with three children was inherited land with a house built about 1979. It would seem, here it is, the freedom, you can do anything. But, on reflection, the couple came to the conclusion that things are not so simple. Firstly, what to do with the old house? Live in it, of course, theoretically possible: a furnace heating and electricity. But like better! To a gas, water, civilized system of heating. And the house should be a two-story, so that each family member had their own room.

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The old house on any parameters not fit into the image of the ideal family nest. Therefore, the new owners have decided, you have to carry. And at the empty place to put a new one. Immediately there are new questions: demolish completely or leave a foundation? Do I need to get permission to demolish? A good foundation for whether the old two-story new home? How then agree on a new building with BTI? All this we asked the experts real estate market.

To the ground, and then
First of all, we must think about what problems may arise if you leave the old foundation and erect a new building on it. Julia Severinenko, CEO ZemAktiv "considers it necessary to first conduct a survey of the old foundation. These are handled by experts who will assess and condition of the existing foundation, and the properties of the soil at its base, and compliance with design of future load. As a general rule, if, for example, monolithic reinforced concrete foundation, which at one time was competently done, it will be possible to erect a new building of any material.

True, if the foundation was poured in the Soviet era, it is unlikely he will be in good condition. "In 1979, nobody has done the foundations of modern technologies. Concrete high marks was in short supply, and technology in low-rise building, few complied. According to the foundation, which stands for 30 years, almost immediately one can say whether he will stand for another 100 years, or he is almost "dead", - said the development director of GOOD WOOD Alexander Dubovenko.

Therefore, the owner of the old house must decide whether to splurge on the expertise of the foundation.

In addition, in any case should check the documents on the ground, even if you're going to build a house on the site of the old, without changing the layout plan, in fact, experience shows that land and houses acquired or erected prior to the 90's, are often not recorded. "From a legal standpoint, to build a new house on old foundations can, if the land is owned and permitted use of land requires building a house", - says Alexander Sergeev, Legal Adviser of the Criminal Code "Volga problem."

However, if the object was transferred by inheritance or gift, then the problems with the registration of ownership, and hence to the order of this property should arise.

Demolition or reconstruction?

Specialists notices that obtaining a permit for the demolition depends on many factors, in particular, the nature of failed communication and the requirements of public services when they are reconnected. "Therefore, owners often for easy passage of approvals produce demolition and construction of new homes under the guise of reconstruction of the object or implementing similar schemes," - said Julia Severinenko.

Irina Bashilova, head of the Criminal Code yurdepartamenta Volzhskie problem ", thinks that formalize the construction of a new home on the old foundation as a" repair "or" reconstruction "of his former house is quite possible, but the process needs to be taken very carefully. "The substitution of terms would be appropriate only if it comes to" overhaul "or" reconstruction "does not affect the structural and other characteristics of reliability and safety of the capital construction and (or) its parts and not exceeding the limit parameters of permitted construction, reconstruction established by the town planning regulations. Only in this case, in accordance with Art. 51 of the Town Planning Code does not require first obtaining a building permit, and after the erection of a dwelling house - permission to enter the facility into operation ", - experts warn.

Therefore, it seems, it is better to completely demolish the old house with a foundation to build on the freed section of the new cottage. By the way, also believes the majority of readers of "owner": Based on our survey, 36% of respondents would prefer this option.

Carry, can not be pardoned!

Now consider what should be done to properly arrange the demolition of buildings. Alexander Sergeyev stressed that the homeowner has every right to dispose of their property, including destroy it, and if the house is put on the cadastral registration, you will need it with this account be removed.

But to begin to implement the actual demolition and then refer to the bodies of BTI for drawing up the survey at home. "On the basis of an examination at the BTI will be canceled account of the existence of the house. Then you should contact the Department Rosreestra a statement on the recordation of a dissolution of the old house, "- explains Maria Bondarevskaya, attorney law firm Yukov, Khrenov and partners."

As regards the technical features of the demolition, it is necessary to demolish the house itself, as well as the mounting part of the foundation to ground level, since the dismantling of the underground part of it will be very costly. "For example, will have to bore out the pile, laid a few feet, or break excavation to remove the filled once the concrete", - said Julia Severinenko.

In these cases, the expert said, a little more appropriate to shift the new foundation, that he did not coincide with the old. If the same principle to a new house standing in the same spot of building a "wall in the wall", will be dismantled and the underground part. But it is extremely expensive.

After the demolition will need to prepare land for new construction. "It is necessary to remove debris, to plan the territory of the new spots construction, equipping entry to the site (for construction equipment), to establish temporary facilities (cabins) for storage of materials, tools, housing construction, generate engineering training (provision of sites with electricity, water, santehkabiny) - Board of Directors for the construction of "Summer Project" Dmitry languages.
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