The thing in the basement

24.05.2012 00:30
Articles about the construction | The thing in the basement Country house today - not just for the summer cottage, and its castle, maybe seasonal, but not outhouse or cabins, and a warm and cozy home. And it begins with a solid foundation - the cornerstone of every building. How to start and how not to knock your future home?

What modern technology is used today? And that may be preceded by the successful laying of foundation? We offer learn skills to build your own home this summer.

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First Steps

The determining factors are, first of all, the following: the type of home (wooden (log or timber), a brick one-story, brick over two floors, the house of the foam, lightweight frame and shield, etc.), which determines the weight of the structure and its pressure on ground; type of soil on which you are going to build, depth of seasonal freezing, the water table.

Economic considerations also play a significant role. The difference in cost and complexity of the work on laying the foundations of razlnyh very significant. For example, the massive and solid foundation for building a light frame house without basement is not required. But the erection of a brick, "zÁmka" with an underground garage requires a good, deep and fundamental reasons.
Functionality, installation and price characteristics of foundations


If your house is built of heavy components (concrete, stone, brick walls, hard floors), the strip foundation you registered. It is a continuous wall, a uniformly loaded overlying walls or columns of the frame. Construction technology is simple strip foundations, but they are characterized by massive, significant consumption of materials and high labor intensity, but at the same time, the maximum reliability.


If the analysis of soil revealed that he was not strong, then the chosen pile foundation. It is a pile on top of reinforced concrete or combined concrete slab (grillage). The pile is driven into the sharp end of the earth moving through the layers of soil until it reaches a solid layer. There is a variant of manufacturing pile foundation directly in the ground. Pile, depending on the material from which it was made, can withstand a load of 2 to 5 tons.


The greatest popularity in the country began to conquer the construction screw bases, which are in the pile types.

For example, recent developments suggest the use of helical foundation steel bolts with hot dip galvanized, which prolongs the life of buildings up to 150 years old. Using a screw method does not require excavation, concrete work, and therefore the expectations of readiness to load the base, and has minimal negative impact on the environment. The screws screwed directly into the ground for several minutes using a special key or rod electrical machines with a multiplier or attachments to the serial excavators (depending on size).


With the construction of columnar base, as opposed to the erection of any other, can not dispense with the preliminary plan of the house. The device of columnar foundations should include a mandatory preliminary support for each of the pillars. When a non-uniform and weak soil is better to use a combined foundation - Belt columnar. Feature of the installation of these foundations is to prepare the pit under the house: remove all the soil layers to the incompressible (this depth is determined by the depth of freezing). If such a foundation will be laid on the lack of depth - over time it may be deformed.

Average length of service of columnar foundations - 30-50 years old.

The cost base is determined by the columnar stacking of its technology and depth of burial.

Protect the environment! Foundations of natural materials

Anyone who is thinking about the ecology of the Earth and a passion for "green" future can safely build a wooden or stone foundations. They use either boulders (boulders) or ridges (wooden poles).

Today it is the cheapest, but yet most unpopular foundations. Although they are used in the construction of houses in ekoposelkah, more often - in some Scandinavian countries. Many people may doubt the strength of such structures, but there are good examples of buildings on the longevity ekofundamentah. For example, in Venice (and this is a city that has a "liquid" primer), many buildings are on piles of larch ridges. St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg has also been erected on a wooden base. Pretty convincing argument to the question of durability and long life.

Wood and stone foundations have their own particular installation, but in the interim period does not exceed the cost of other favorites of the foundations.

A good foundation - a guarantee of good future and longevity of your country house. So, is the foundation of your happy and quiet life outside the city.

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