The principles of harmony in the interior

12.01.2011 09:30
Articles about the construction | The principles of harmony in the interior In order to make your interior is not only original but also comfortable and stylish, it is necessary to observe all the principles of harmony. It is harmony in the whole can transform any idea and bring it to perfection. Professional architects and designers use the following principles of harmony in the design of interior spaces:

* The basic principle of the interior - the principle of mood. It lies in the fact that the interior of the apartment should reflect the mood of its owner. This ensures the correct selection of colors and correct placement of the light.
* The principle point is to find a certain point in the apartment, the view from that taken as a defining, and he pushes the entire interior.

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* The interior must be present independent objects, which are drawn apart, but in general the interior look harmonious. This is the principle of independent objects.
* Any interior space requires imagination and experiment with different textures, colors and shapes. This is the principle of the experiment.
* The principle lines of movement lies in careful planning ways to move people indoors. He lines of movement depends on placement of furniture.
* One of the main principles of harmony in the interior is the principle of emphasis. Placing some bright accents around the room and competent to design gives the effect of very high quality and stylish interior. Accents can serve all of the color blotches, to pieces of furniture and decor.
* The principle of zero implies the obligatory presence in the interior of the empty space. His number should be ideal for each individual interior, so as not to create the effect of clutter and excess.

All of these principles require detailed work on the preliminary plan interior. Of course, it is better to entrust this activity a professional designer who has created dozens competently built on the principles of harmony of the interiors.
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