The main advantages of building homes of cellular concrete

14.02.2012 08:30
Articles about the construction | The main advantages of building homes from the aerated When it comes to building a country cottage or a house builder in the mind of every right there is a question of "how much". Build a house - it's not so easy. And it's not just about how much money you need to do. For the construction of the house need a lot of effort, patience, participation, attention and responsibility.

In addition, modern builders make on the quality of houses and cottages more stringent requirements. In the first phase of construction to the customer will need to explore all the construction materials available for the project, analyzing the different criteria and qualitative characteristics of each. At present rates teplosberezheniya play a key role on the right when selecting construction materials. This is not surprising. The cost of all fuels is increasing, so the developers are trying to select building materials with the lowest thermal conductivity.

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According to statistics, more than 75% of the projects of country cottages and private homes is implemented using AAC. Construction of houses made of cellular concrete is gaining popularity. Why is this stuff has become so popular?

Aerated concrete stands out from similar materials due to low specific weight, high performance teplosberezheniya, environmentally friendly and affordable cost. The house, built of aerated concrete has the following advantages:

A. The high thermal performance. According to experts, houses of aerated concrete is much warmer than conventional buildings of concrete, brick and wood.

Two. The minimum size of the error blocks. As a result, the process of building the walls are built perfectly aligned without any gaps (between blocks), or irregularities. This will save you money at the stage of finishing walls.

Three. High levels of vapor and air permeability. The porous structure of porous concrete provides excellent thermal insulation of the premises, air circulation and moisture regulation. As a result of the cottage created the best climate, very similar to the microclimate of the house out of wood.

4. The stability of the material to the environment, high fire resistance. In addition, cellular concrete - a hi-tech construction material in the composition of which there are no harmful compounds.

Five. The exact dimensions of the blocks instead of the solution allow for masonry use a special glue. As a result of the erection of walls is carried out quickly, and the lack of clearance eliminates the risk to the structure of the "cold bridges".

6. Aerocrete differ little weight. As a result, the foundation of the house of aerated concrete is not exposed to heavy loads, while for the house made of wood or brick builder will have to do more "rugged" foundation.

All these factors lead to the popularity of aerated concrete construction companies and private developers. In addition, the use of porous concrete to reduce the total cost of construction by 30-40%.

Having defined the material for construction, you can begin to draft a cottage and layout of internal space. Modern materials and technologies make it possible to build a house for the key as soon as possible. Aerated concrete has excellent absorbing surface that is easily associated with plasters and other finishing materials. Porous concrete allows you to implement projects of cottages and houses of varying difficulty, so your imagination can not be limited!
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