The layout and design of the apartment: they prefer

14.12.2011 01:00
Articles about the construction | The layout and design of the apartment: they prefer Requirements for planning

1. In order to offer consistent with the business or the elite class, the minimum size of the apartment must be at least 60 square meters. m. How would the owner or tenant argued that his house of 45 square meters. m can be attributed to expensive just because it heated floor and living room combined with kitchen, he will not succeed.

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2. An increasingly important role in the evaluation of the apartments now becomes a rational zoning - layout of the apartment in which she is usually divided into master (bedroom with bathroom, dressing room, children's bedrooms and play) and guest (living room, guest bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, study, lounge, fireplace hall, etc.) of the zone. Thus, family members will not go into the bathroom through the living room, and meals from the kitchen into the dining room will not carry past the parents' bedroom. This scheme allows you to protect the privacy of family members from outside noise and odors, to keep the privacy of being at the apartment visiting guests. All other things being equal, customers will always prefer apartments with thoughtful zoning areas.

3. The general rule is preferable to a large number of bedrooms. This trend has come to us from abroad. For example, in U.S. house with four or six bedrooms - the norm rather than the exception. And since more than 50% of tenants gentrification - the foreigners, several bedrooms in the apartments - one of the most important conditions for them. In addition, our countrymen are more likely to ask for an apartment with several bedrooms. We must not forget that the issue of relocation becomes relevant in 95% of the mean change in family composition, ie, the replenishment of the family. Desirable area of ​​master bedroom (master-bedroom) - 20-50 square meters. m. In an ideal - to the bedroom to the bathroom and adjacent dressing room. It is very convenient. So after a shower you can just go to bed and dressing table or bathroom to change clothes after the reception, instead of traveling down a long corridor or even cross the guest area.

4. An important role for tenants expensive housing is the number of toilets in the apartment. Four apartments with one bathroom will be extremely difficult to pass, no matter how beautiful they were. If the apartment 5.3 rooms, then there must be a minimum of two bathrooms, with the necessary presence of both a bath and shower. In multi-room suites toilets should do more, given the expected number of occupants.

5. In our country since the Soviet era has become a tradition at the same place and cook, that is in the kitchen. However, the tenants of apartments with premium this habit, as it turned out, no. They prefer to cook in the kitchen, eat in the living room, which is a room with sofas, TV and dining area with large table and chairs. Typically, a combined living area of ​​not less than 30-40 square meters. m. Sometimes there is a dining room, which occupies a separate room. Such a plan is in demand among the staff of embassies, representative offices and heads of large corporations in connection with the need to organize small receptions right at home.

"It's obvious that we are moving away from the Soviet concept of housing, in which the areas were small, and each tenant had to deal meters - says George Dzagurov, CEO of Penny Lane Realty. - Now the demand is for apartments with a rational plan that creates the conditions necessary for a comfortable stay. In addition to these features, in addition, I would point included in the fashion business and dressing rooms. In the economic room often place the washing machine, drying clothes, hanging shelves for various household assets, sink and ironing board. Of course, this set may vary - it depends on personal preference. Dressing room for us to more familiar. According to statistics, the Internet portal for renting apartments, share offers apartments with a separate dressing room in the budget of $ 2,000 per month and above is 14%. I suppose that in the next two or three years this figure has the potential to grow by at least two times. "

Design requirements

1. The most liquid market is flat, decorated in neutral pastel tones. The best colors for the walls - white, beige, cream, ivory. Apartments with a "loud" colors like orange or green to pass more difficult. Of course, there is a certain type of people who prefer shocking, but among the tenants of such expensive housing typed no more than 5%.

2. Desired flooring - parquet flooring or laminate. Sometimes veiled bedroom carpet with high pile - it adds comfort and looks presentable. Kitchen floor, bathrooms and hallway should certainly be tiled.

3. Modern high-quality furniture - a mandatory requirement for any expensive apartment. It may be made from different materials, but quality must match the declared status of the apartment.

4. Particular attention should be paid to the owners of the lighting system. Of course, beautiful chandeliers are still in the price. However, at the peak of popularity now are multi-level ceilings of plasterboard with a variety of lighting systems. Due to this technique can solve several problems: the room well lit and at the same time an original look. Depending on the design of the project can achieve very different results, for example, to recreate the likeness of the sky in your bedroom or pick up a complex color scheme for the living room, which will appeal to all family members. There is also a choice of modes of illumination, which allows you to focus on different details of the interior, visually changing it. In addition to the unique multi-level ceilings differ from ordinary yet another advantageous quality: they help to hide poorly placed wires and other defects in the ceiling.

5. According to the portal floor heating is present in 28% of the proposals on rent expensive apartments. This trend is still young, but already in high demand. Heated floors are an excellent choice for a comfortable modern apartment heating, reduce the rate of humidity in the room, and at the same time environmentally friendly. Preferred heated floors, heated with hot water, as proven harmful effects of electric heating in domestic animals and male persons.

"A competent design - not desirable, but obligatory deposit a luxury apartment - says George Dzagurov. - If done tastefully, in accordance with the modern understanding of reasonable zoning of premises, the tenant is always there. Sometimes, on some parameters can depart, the main thing - to focus on functionality and rationality of the zoning area. The realization of this truth came to us thanks to foreigners who choose not chandelier with Swarovski crystals in a 15-meter room, and apartments with well-designed layout, combining comfort, warmth and modern technology. "
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