The Japanese invented the home of the future

03.09.2010 22:20
Articles about the construction | The Japanese invented the home of the future Japanese have invented a house that is absolutely is friendly nature and can not only generate energy. But to accumulate it. In addition, it has a positive effect on the environment - also saves money.
The largest construction company in Japan has developed a house, do not require electricity. It is equipped with solar panels and energy-saving system that allows the use of electricity was not immediately after it is received by the generator, and at any time. Until then, Japan was popular solar panels, but their energy was not enough for the night, and people had to use an ordinary light.
"In our plan, every family that lives in this house, she will be able to set a limit on their use of electricity. And it will not exceed it, because the house will have its own lights," - said Yoshinori Saeki, director of construction company.
Approximate cost of the house with such a system - 50 000 dollars, where at least one third of the sum will pay for electricity innovation. Will pay it, according to developers, has over 10 years.

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"This is beneficial and very safe. Because of the innovative house you do not have to worry if you turn off appliances when you go home. The system offers and savings, and comfort," - said Yoshinori Saeki, director of construction company.
At home with energy-saving system appear in the Japanese housing market is already six months, the developers promise.
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