The construction industry is gaining momentum

29.03.2011 09:41
Articles about the construction | The construction industry is gaining momentum Despite the fact that the proper construction industry in Ukraine is only beginning to emerge from the crisis, the business of building materials continues to grow faster pace and the growing attention of investors.

Construction - the project?

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The fact that the state, unfortunately, are in no hurry to help the construction industry by large infrastructure projects, implementation of which the Ukrainian builders promise more than a year, writes InterCredit.

However, no active work on expanding the seaports, which promised the previous government, no large-scale orders, concomitant implementation of national projects, the Government has already promised a new, not yet become a reality, and overseas (such as participation of Ukrainian companies in construction of facilities for future Olympic Games Sochi) are rather point character.

It should be recognized that the restoration of construction, as a segment of the operating business in Ukraine is proceeding very slowly, which, last but not least, connected with the action of "politico-economic 'factor - the redistribution of spheres of influence in the construction market (especially housing and office complexes) in regions, which are likely to be completed no earlier than autumn.

As a result, in January, 2011, the industry showed a negative financial result - 113,3 mln. And more than half (51%) of construction companies were unprofitable.

Nevertheless, the encouraging factors can be considered as a gradual increasing the volume of construction work for the whole country, a steady trend to what is observed in the second half of the past, 2010.

Demand: collect brick by brick

Thus, according to recent data of Goskomstat, the volume of construction work in January amounted to 1 billion 993.9 mln., And in February the figure has more than doubled - up to 4 billion 430.1 mln. As compared with the same period last year the industry for the second month shows a steady increase of 6.1%.

Especially revealing is against this background looks dynamics of production growth in the country construction materials. So, according to the same SSC, for January production of bricks and tiles has increased by 22,9%, and the production of cement, lime and plaster mixes - at 24,0%%.

Even more evident is the increase of production of building structures and various related products made of concrete, plaster and cement 79.6%%, as well as ceramic building slabs and tiles (77.8%).

Last but not least is due to the gradual post-crisis recovery solvent demand for building materials for private (villas, garden plots, etc.) construction purposes. This sector, which consumes, according to various estimates, between 17 and 22% of the total volume produced in Ukraine building materials, has been tightly "frozen" - first crisis, then the unstable political situation in the country (which is accompanied by a change in the priorities of the population in the allocation of funds) and has begun to thaw literally in the late summer and early fall of 2010.

Market: supply and price

As for the dynamics of the Ukrainian market of active business, he finally responded to the changing situation in the segment of production of construction materials.

Slightly more than half needed to ensure that serious investors are still paid attention to the advanced nature of the growth of its development compared with the rate of recovery of its core customers - the construction business.

The result was a marked reduction in the number of proposals of business objects of this kind, with a preferential stabilization of prices at a level "above average", and in some cases - a clear shift of the price bracket in the direction of a higher price range.

Thus, significantly diminished the proposals on the implementation of enterprises on production of building materials in the segment up to 250 thousand dollars so that such assets (plant for the production of plastic windows in Zaporozhye (40 thousand U.S. dollars), a factory for processing marble and granite in Nikolaev (130 thousand dollars), the wide-ranging construction industry in Ivano-Frankivsk (150 thousand U.S. dollars), and carpenter's shop in Lviv (250 thousand U.S. dollars) today is the exception to the rule, and for some potential buyers - and a rare find.

Much more lively, according to the company InterCredit looks at the present time the average price category - up to $ 1 million, which, they say, "laid eyes" both individual and corporate investors.

In this range, the market basically offers today incidental to construction of production, such as the company's production of construction equipment in the Kirovograd region (300 thousand U.S. dollars), a woodworking shop in Sumy region (from 320 thousand dollars), woodworking factory in Zhytomyr region (490 thousand dollars) or the manufacturer of a heater (750 thousand U.S. dollars).

Most interesting is the proposal for large investors (such as ownership of Ukrainian and foreign), as expected, concentrated in the so-called. "Gold range" 1-6 million dollars the way, today is focused most numerous group of companies selling prices, which are (still) not in a hurry to grow.

The most characteristic of the relation specialization / power / starting price among them are: brick manufacturing plant in Luhansk region (1 million 700 thousand U.S. dollars), basalt quarry in Transcarpathia (1 million 200 thousand dollars, ($ 1 million 700 thousand dollars), a specialized careers in the Zhitomir region. (1 million 700 thousand U.S. dollars), and a plant for production of construction equipment in the Kiev area (3 million).

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