The architects proposed a «print» of the city in the oceans of debris

06.01.2016 00:30
Articles about the construction | The architects proposed a «print» of the city in the oceans of debris In the ocean off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, right on the water, they want to build a new town called Aequorea, reports Internet portal Novate. Since such a project was the famous Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut. Residential structure of the city in the form will resemble jellyfish, and the basic material will be a composite material made from recycled plastic waste and algae.

The buildings will be built directly into the ocean with the help of 3D-printers. Aequorea concept suggests that the island will be "printed" from floating in the ocean of garbage. Callebaut notes that in the world there is an inevitable reduction of natural resources on the land and the ocean floor with the contaminated plastic waste.

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Every living entity will include a number of houses. The diameter of the island will be about 500 meters. The entire "city" on the water can accommodate up to 20 000 inhabitants.

The problem of food security of the city architect proposes to solve by using hybrids farms for growing plants, located on the ground of the residential complexes.
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