The apartment is decorated with «turnkey «: the advantages and disadvantages

22.05.2011 02:55
The apartment is decorated with «turnkey «: the advantages and disadvantages New building on the market, new offers - apartments for sale on a turnkey basis. We consider their advantages and disadvantages. Construction market in Ukraine is alive, the leading developer of Ukrainian real estate market looking for new clients, introducing a variety of events, as well as trying to draw attention to the objects of real estate under construction in different ways. For example, among offers to purchase apartments in newly constructed facilities appeared to involve interior design turnkey. We decided to look in a resurgence, and find out what benefits while receiving client.

Turnkey apartments "suggest a complete execution of works on finishing. On the Ukrainian real estate market options such apartments for only in buildings under construction "economy" class, respectively, and the finish has the same level.

Finishing in the homes of this type includes: the installation of interior doors, laminate flooring in the living room, kitchen, bathroom cladding ceramic tile, installation of water meter, electric switches.

The walls of the housing rooms, corridors, built barns and hallway are aligned for final outfit and covered with wallpaper by staining, surface ceiling are aligned and colored water-based paints.

With regard to sanitary and kitchen equipment, kitchen equipped kitchen with a sink, electric stove, bathroom wash basin set, bath, polotentsesushka, toilet.

So who needs an apartment to rent in Sofia?

First of all, in a class of "economy" turnkey apartments "are interested, above all, those buyers for whom are critical not only cost but time. Repair in a new apartment can be delayed, and requires not only time consuming to search for building organizations that will perform the entire spectrum of work, but also the costs associated with the control and organization of the process.

In the event that prior to moving into a new apartment to rent an apartment until the end of repair, the purchase of apartments for sale on a turnkey basis will be more profitable. The advantage of such apartments may be that for customers who buy an apartment on credit, there is no need, save the amount required for repairs, since the cost of apartments will include finishing.

The apartment is decorated with "turnkey" has several advantages:

1. Saving of time

2. The opportunity to immediately move into an apartment

3. Perform repair work by experienced professionals of the developer

4. The absence of additional costs for rental housing during repairs

5. Ability to make quality repairs after "settling" at home

The disadvantages are the following:

1. Decorating an apartment can not arrange for you, and you then want something to alter

2. The difference between the cost of primary and secondary housing is not very perceptible

3. Insufficient number of finishing options

Because such services provide the majority of developers in Europe, the Ukrainian real estate market experts believe that the trend is the sale apartments for sale on a turnkey basis in the next few years will be developed in Ukraine.

At the moment there are difficulties with the development of this service in Ukraine related to steriotipami of "substandard" repairs incurred during the Soviet era, and now the apartment with the repair - of varying degrees of readiness - are still smaller part of the proposals on the housing market, though they have a number of benefits for both the buyer and for the developer.


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