Sun film for windows can save energy

18.09.2012 00:00
Articles about the construction | Sun film for windows can save energy The company «3M» has developed and implemented a unique solution to save energy and maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. Now this technology is available in Ukraine. A recent study Byarne Olesen (Bjarne W. Olesen), chairman of the International Research Center internal environment and energy in Denmark, found that a comfortable temperature in the office, the lack of internal pollutants (in particular, due to the use of air conditioners with dirty filters) and improved ventilation increase the productivity of office workers by 5-10%.

Innovative solution for many companies may be window films 3M ™ Sun Control, which will help protect the room from solar radiation by 80% and 30% will prevent the loss of heat in winter. In practice, it is proved that cool the room at 1 ° C is 3-4 times more expensive than heat it by 1 ° C. Thus, passive cooling with window film is the most profitable and environmentally friendly.

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In general, application of sunscreen film on windows allows you to:

• reduce the temperature inside the building in the warm season

• reduce the need for air conditioning

• Reduce energy bills

• protect furniture and flooring from fading

• improve the comfort of employees and increase their productivity

• That, in turn, will increase the company's profits

In addition, "3M" offers a special solution for the institutions in which it is important to comply with the security requirements (embassies, consulates, banks). In the event of a terrorist attack or an attempt to smash the windows, broken glass, not falling apart - Film 3M ™ Safety Film forms a flexible, dense fabric, even for long-term sustainable destructiveness.

For the record, "ZM" - one of the most innovative companies in the world, with a turnover of $ 29.6 billion, the headquarters of which is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company employs about 84 000 people in 65 countries. 3M operates to 35 destinations, combined into six core businesses: Systems of visual communication products for the home and office, telecommunications and electronics, healthcare, materials for industry and transport, materials and tools for security. Since the early 1990s, 3M is in Ukraine, modern and high quality solutions to improve the security and efficiency of production. And in 2005 registered a subsidiary OOO «3M Ukraine."
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