Spanish architect proposes to build a walking city

21.11.2013 00:15
Articles about the construction | Spanish architect proposes to build a walking city When you run out of economic resources, the residents leave it and move to a new location. So it became, for example, with Detroit, the industrial production of which ceased to generate income. The idea of ​​Spanish architect Manuel Dominquez is so moved to a new location not individual citizens, and the whole city ... Spanish project of Very Large Structure - a nomadic city that moves on the land in the vast tracks. On the creation of a nomad young Spanish designers are inspired by the past , such projects as The Walking City - futurist British architect Ron Herron , who, back in 1964 . the magazine Archigram proposed to build the city, moving under its own power from one source to another fossil resources .

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Looking for a Spanish project Very Large Structure feel the full force of the phrase " heavy machinery " . By the way , other than the city-forming function , the creation of a walking metropolis can reduce the level of unemployment in the whole of Spain - after the creation of the project will require a lot of money and resources , and therefore the workers.
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