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30.03.2011 07:30
Articles about the construction | Small Green Corner Time pomposity in architecture, construction and equipping of homes away. In place are Western trends: the desire for practicality, comfort, comfort. Even the winter gardens, which once associated Russians with huge greenhouses now increasingly are not plants, and humans.

Down with megalomania!

In many countries, especially where natural conditions are similar to Russian, winter gardens are small additions to houses. In fact, it's just covered veranda with glazed roof. They are not made to inhabit lush - they are designed for family vacations, relaxation. Of course, a few green friends "do not interfere. Basically the hosts are placed in the so-called winter garden a little bit of furniture (desk, couch), and in his spare time admiring the panoramic view from the zastekolya. But the main reason why the compact glazed spaces are becoming increasingly popular - the convenience and efficiency. After all, large greenhouses require a special microclimate - with a certain temperature and humidity. To do this at the design stage should provide a number of additional systems (heating, air conditioning, ventilation), as well as some sun action. Not only that, they are more costly housing project - the further increase and the expenses of operating the house.

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Domestic climate (long harsh winters, unstable weather) makes many to abandon the idea of ??"home in the tropics." Is it necessary, if the landlord is not an avid gardener? Surely he does not have enough time and skills to care for a cranky heat-loving plants, or desire to keep the gardener. In addition, while other advantages of the winter garden as a recreation area may be lost. For example, do not in any greenhouse, you can invite guests to a cup of coffee: if it is supported by a tropical climate, to be there as difficult as in a greenhouse hot day. One should not forget that the more the winter garden, the more difficult to ensure its stability and ensure security.

Under the roof garden of his

The size of the green corner dictates of his "frame", that is kind of designs. Massive elements relevant when creating a large glass-fronted space, destroying the aesthetics of a small room. Therefore, for them to use special system of steel, aluminum, plastic or wood. In America and Europe are very popular tailor-made wooden structures. They, of course, and beautiful, and environmentally friendly, but not every tree suitable for conservatories and for the Russian conditions in general. The most suitable option (and most popular) - Canadian cedar.

For curved elements are used not solid wood, and consisting of several layers of laminated material - strong, durable and fireproof. Construction of high-class can be made from Burmese teak and some species of mahogany, grown in the Philippines and West Africa. However, a greenhouse of exotic wood is very expensive - aluminum structures more accessible. Special roof systems are durable and resistant to the most extreme weather conditions, can be used as double-glazed windows and polycarbonate.

As an alternative

In Europe, gained the widest popularity, plastic conservatories - thanks to the cheapness and the industrial method of production. However, plastic parts designs, though reinforced with metal profiles do not have a large carrying capacity. Therefore, for the roof will need to use is not windows, and light-diffusing polycarbonate - which has good strength and thermal performance, but it is much easier.

Polycarbonate - a good alternative to glass, if the transparency of the roof need not be absolute. Particularly relevant in this story a large area of ??the winter garden. This glass roof get cheaper, because for the winter garden are suitable only special windows - tempered glass or laminated glass, that is, two panes of laminated between a film.

Deliberate decision

Choosing the material must bear in mind that aluminum structures the size of the roof will be significantly greater than with plastic. There are aluminum systems designed for the construction of winter gardens with unsupported span of 6,8 m, while plastic systems often require an additional reference frame is already in the span of 3.5 m. Given the choice between glass and polycarbonate are also required to weigh all the pros and cons . Modern windows of tempered or laminated glass with energy-saving coatings are durable, retain heat in winter, blocking the excessive solar radiation in summer. The chemical composition of the material is stable, the product is not exposed to aggressive environments and hazardous substances. Many manufacturers give a warranty on its products to 25 years. But the advantages of polycarbonate - lightness and strength combined with low cost. And finally: Getting to the construction of the conservatory, and should consult at least two or three companies and listen to the views of several experts.

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