Sewage in a private home with their own hands

22.06.2012 18:00
Articles about the construction | Sewage in a private home with their own hands This article is intended to assist the reader in the right way and relying only on themselves, to make installation sewage system in the house with his own hands, thus saving a lot of money usually spent on payment of construction work. As a rule, in suburban towns, rarely will find a centralized sewage system in a private home intended for general use, in view of the problem of wastewater treatment, is fully borne by the owner of a farmstead. And therefore, before the start of construction, it is necessary to agree upon what kind of device that will perform this important function. Modern sewage systems to give four options involve the organization of waste treatment:

First, almost playing out today the way is to create a sump. Thus, with this type of sewer to give, constantly spreading, foul odor, especially when cleaning the pit, guaranteed not only you but also your neighbors;
The second option, a cumbersome and unnecessary because of the complexity of building his own hands - is the installation of concrete, septic tanks overflow wells. This method of wastewater treatment, in addition to his other shortcomings, would contaminate the soil over a large area farmsteads;

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Setting up a station deep cleaning will help to clean wastewater quality and to make their disinfection, but its work will require summing up of electricity, but the montage itself such a system is quite complex;
The most viable option, in a private home sewer - Installation of a septic tank, which ensures high quality treatment rather long period of time (50 years). Septic tank is simple to operate and does not cause trouble during use. Calculate the amount of installed septic tank for your house, you can view the recommendations of the manufacturers of the product.

Selecting the recommended option, namely septic as "heart" of treatment system, define its location. The pit is dug for a septic tank no closer than 50m. of abstraction, with such a view, hToba all its dimensions were 20 cm. more of the device. The mouth of the unit must be above ground level, he, bottom and sides is filled with a mixture of sand and soil (prior to final backfill septic tank should be filled with water).

Furthermore, our design will have two major parts: the wiring inside the home and outside of the pipe, buried in the yard. All three parts of the sewerage system, the installation process, tightly interconnected.

The main task of the internal network is to deliver sewage from all plumbing fixtures, dishwashers and washing machines in the outside, through the riser is located inside the house. Sinks and bathtubs, connected to a riser pipe 50mm diameter. The slope should not exceed 25 mm at 1 meter. On the issue of sanitary appliances, must be located water seal that prevents the ingress to the house smells. Hitch can be performed using a corrugated tube, bent in a knee. From toilet to riser will fit liner diameter of 100 mm. For the production of precast pipe from the house, the basement is a square hole with a diameter of 300h300mm. The hole is larger outlet pipe, so that it is not corrupted by the possible shrinkage of the foundation. When laying the inside, use plastic pipe, connected to each other fittings. This design provides the reliability and integrity.

Outside of the sewer to give, a sewer pipe or collection. Aimed to combine production of wastewater from the house and septic tank between them. They can be made of plastic, asbestos cement or cast iron. At the junctions are connected in the following ways:

Plastic pipes for connection, compress rubber ring, which is located in the socket;
Asbestos connect with sealing couplings;
Cast-iron sealed with oiled rags, then schekanivayutsya cement mortar.

As is the case with innerfriction of a private house sewer, the pipe should be laid, following the required slope. In this case, it will amount to 2 cm. meter. Consequently, the depth of the trench should be calculated until you begin digging for it. Slopes, you should be mandatory, otherwise, ready to drain built with his own hands will be constantly hammered. External pipe laid to a depth of 0.7 m. and up to 1.8 m. in the southern and northern regions respectively. Under the pipe is a small sand bag on the sides and top, it also takes cover with sand, then filled with soil which is compacted. If the road can be straight, the field rotation is recommended to install observation wells. Suitable for the manufacture of concrete rings or common brick. The walls of the wells must be carefully sealed with cement mortar, and on the outer surface of the walls to make waterproofing using hot bitumen.

That is, in general, and I described all the main features of the building sewer of a private house with his hands. In that case, if you do not mind the presence of a rather impressive amount of digging, you can safely start to create it yourself.

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