Secrets of luxury boxes

12.01.2014 00:00
Articles about the construction | Secrets of luxury boxes Vіkna in Perche Cerga, povinnі conceded puskati Light and not cold, but not Tse zovsіm zavazhaє їm Buti Stylish Elements іnter'єru. W CIM zavdannyam vporaєtsya not Til'ky designer, ale i ve sami. Transforming modern plastic window to something very special , we must remember that their design must meet certain requirements. Consequently, there are things that should not be done . For example , do not change shape by existing frames. If your design idea requires unusual shape of the window frame , contact the window company with lots of experience. Andrew Annoyarov , director of operations at PROPLEX, explains: " To a plastic window for decades to fulfill its functions and protect house from the cold, drafts and street noise , it must be collected from the qualitative components of modern equipment in compliance with all regulations and established production qualified in accordance with State standards . " Amateur is not relevant here , but is subject to many modern technologies : windows may be arched , circular, polygonal , they may have a different type of opening , and the frames themselves do not necessarily have to be the classic white. In addition, the plastic windows are not drilled holes , even if you really want in this way to install blinds. Better yet for this purpose use window slopes .

And what can you do with a window to get an unusual effect ?

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sparkling stained glass

Most interesting windows that give light to fabulous effect - stained . Do not think that this is not possible or not appropriate in the flat glass panes can always decorate using colorful graphics and ornaments. For this may well go even baby sets for creating stained glass. Of course, you can also use products for adults: professional paint manufacturers such as Lefranc & Bourgeois, Idea vetro, Pebeo Vitrail , etc. But we must remember that the composition of these paints have organic solvents that can damage plastic parts of windows , so the frame at the time of painting protect the masking tape . You can use self-adhesive and stained film. They can be self-colored , and can have a pattern or ornament. And still on the market there is a service that allows you to order a film with its own pattern. Not necessarily cover all the glass film , you can make yourself small ornaments . Cut the necessary details on the design and stick them on the window , framing every piece of decorative ribbon lead , imitating metal broach classic stained glass .

Besides now there are companies that help decorate the windows very real stained glass. Here is our expert on classical technology and connect fragments of colored glass in a single canvas with metal profiles. And A is a technology by which a colored glass slides are fused together by means of very high temperature. For example, specialists of " ART- Ultra" provide similar services . They not only made ​​stained glass , but it is mounted in the normal third window glass. This is time-consuming work and costs money . However, the results are worth the money!

There is another elegant but expensive way to make a windowpane of a work of art - use window with built-in LED light. This technology just a few years ago the company presented AGC Glass Europe and Traxon Technologies LEDs can be many different colors, have a long service life and low energy consumption . Images are applied at the factory blasted . At night, these windows are original nightlight , and the day when lights are off they look like frosted glass with a pattern.

Stained glass can be used in any room , as long as it was combined with the interior of the space . For example , the child can live on the window real fairy tale , and in the bedroom - a paradise forest.

window textiles

Curtains also always transform window. It helps to combine textiles window with the entire space of the room , to make it complete, ie curtains make to design compelling final chord .

Curtains do not just decorate , they transform window. For example, using a combination of curtains with grabs , curtains and swags can visually change the shape of the window , for example , turning a light box in the arch . "Now there was a great selection of different curtains, and if they alternate , you can change the interior of the room depending on the season . For example, heavier and more dense buy the winter, and lighter and more transparent - for the summer , "- says the designer curtains Julia Loginov.

Of course, the easiest way to contact a specialized salon where professionals make a reality all your fantasies . And you can try and prove their own ability . Not necessarily sew new curtains , you can freshen up and old , giving them a second wind with the help of placer buttons, buttons , sequins , fabric flowers or other textile patterns. One of the easiest ways of transformation - throw two folded diagonally square shawl with fringes on the right and left side of the ledge , so that hung down triangles imitating pelmets . To secure scarves can sew the top of the curtains.

Particularly impressive rooms, which were used in the decoration of desktop or wall paintings , and they are decorated with window roller blinds with a specially printed pattern , which is a continuation of the existing one. Now blinds and shutters can even put any print by UV printing. Inspiration for such patterns can be found in the Archives of the home , and illustrations of fairy tales .

So, any window can be luxurious and unique. And even if you have limited financial capacity , desire and fantasy always prompt output and help bring ideas to the interior.
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