Scientists have created eco-friendly bricks from human waste

29.01.2019 00:30
Articles about the construction | Scientists have created eco-friendly bricks from human waste Australian scientists from the Royal Melbourne University of Technology (RMIT) have developed eco-friendly baked clay bricks that include biosolides. This writes ScienceAlert. Domestic and industrial wastewater is usually recycled in sewage treatment plants. As a result, organic materials appear - biosolides, 30% of which go for fertilizers, the rest goes to landfills.

Scientists have proposed to create building materials from baked clay with the addition of 25% biosolide. This allows almost two times lower production costs compared to conventional bricks. In addition, you can greatly reduce the carbon footprint that form factories for the production of building materials.

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In addition to environmental friendliness and economy, tests have shown that alternative bricks are much stronger in compression than conventional ones. They are also less thermally conductive due to their porous structure.

In the near future, scientists plan to conduct a new study on the chemical characteristics of the material, its fire resistance and toxicity.
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