Redevelopment: unexpected opportunities and expected inhibitions

09.10.2010 07:05
Redevelopment - one of the most popular means of improving living conditions in our country. And this is understandable: funds to purchase new flat enough not all, but to "correct" the reconstruction of existing need is not so much. At first glance ...<br /><br />Demand, as is known, gives rise to the proposal, and modern interior design magazines are full of projects replanning model apartment homes of different series. However, buying one or another design project, we should not forget that in replanning the mass of potential pitfalls.<br /><br />Redrew the apartment to your liking, you are in the best case would condemn the neighbors for a few weeks of construction noise. At worst - would result in irreparable damage to structures and utility services for your home.<br /><br />The mentality of Russians in general and their relation to alterations in particular can be described as one of the catch phrases: "maybe blow over." Yes, we have not really made to think, much less care about the common good: over seventy years of communism, so we ate it, that dish is now only a private interest. Plus housing today is usually acquired for their own money, and comes to the forefront the logic of "I'm the owner and therefore can not do with their property whatever I want."<br /><br />In this sense, of course, much easier to live for those who purchase apartments in new buildings with so-called open-plan. In practice, however, and it is not entirely free: in terms of BTI purpose of each room is defined clearly enough, but still these apartments are usually denied deliberately enlarged ventkanalov and too many walls and with proper zoning permit to obtain a sufficient number of residential space .<br /><br />Themselves as employees of BTI, to be honest, our people are perceived as greedy edakii Cerberus, who walk in other people's apartments, looking out for illegally demolished the wall and extort a bribe, and in the absence thereof, shall refer the case to court.<br /><br />Numerous polls have shown that none of the homeowners that have made redevelopment, sees no connection between their personal comfort and structural integrity of high-rise buildings - usually on the topic all just shrug. This is another well-known feature of the Russian character: we have not decided to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Truly: maybe blow over! Meanwhile, the demolition of at least three or four walls in one entrance makes the house at 25-30 per cent less stable, and it can partially or completely collapse, happen, God forbid, even a light earthquake or, for example, a gas explosion.<br /><br />The era of indiscriminate replanning started in our country in the 1990's, when people's perceptions of comfort and quality of life were transformed literally every day. Then for the changing realities could not keep up any building construction, nor the legislation, and the people and does not suspect that in the pursuit of an ideal shelter cause harm to your home.<br /><br />Now the situation has changed, and snip a very clearly spelled out what kinds of alterations can be decided upon, and which are not allowed. And these provisions to all who dream of redevelopment, it is worth learning by heart.<br /><br />First, strictly forbidden to post a bathroom (toilet, bath or shower) directly above the living rooms and kitchens. The reason is that the threat of leaks and breaking water pipes always exists. And on the one hand, when the pipe "pull" away from the riser, it increases, on the other - thereby increasing the risk of global flooding homes. From this rule there is only one exception - a device bathrooms in the upper level above the kitchen in a two-level apartments.<br /><br />However, this does not mean that the toilets do not move or expand - you can, but only within the adjacent auxiliary facilities: corridors, lobbies, hallways, pantries, etc. But the restriction on placement of the other "wet areas - kitchen and laundry room - not, however, subject to compliance with lighting and ventilation.<br /><br />Device is not allowed direct entry of a bedroom and kitchen in the bathroom, all apartments except the elite. An exception is the presence of another room, equipped with toilet, with the entrance into it from the corridor or lobby.<br /><br />In other words, if you dream your whole life is to get into the hot tub right out of the bedroom, it should be separate from the toilet, actually breaking the bathroom for two isolated rooms with separate entrances.<br /><br />It is impossible to eliminate the barrier between the room and the kitchen in case the latter is equipped with gas stove, especially in one-bedroom apartments. Moreover, all rooms are equipped with gas stoves, geysers, etc., must be separated from the living room. Here, I think, even do not need to explain: the gas trifled with.<br /><br />Not allowed to design living rooms and kitchens without direct natural light. It should be noted that this rule is broken often enough: turning a two-room apartment in a "three-ruble note with sitting area, dining room and a bedroom with 1-2 windows, the owners of the apartment one room very often carelessly left with no windows at all. I personally know of cases where a few years later, the people themselves to reschedule an apartment again: in a poorly ventilated room, where never sun, suffer not only children and adults, and animals.<br /><br />Often in a dark corner of the kitchen and transfer (for example, in place of the former storage room), but I assure you, and prepare for a constant electric light is not very pleasant. Alternative would be building between the new bathroom and kitchen walls with a glazed top - then into the work zone will penetrate at least some light, and most likely this will be enough for your body, and for matching organs.<br /><br />Substantial set of prohibitions and restrictions in regard to snip and engineering equipment in residential buildings. For example, it is forbidden to close access to the equipment (valves, taps, etc.), as well as set off for regulating devices on obschedomovyh engineering networks.<br /><br />Heavily punished by the law and the device heated floors heated by obschedomovyh water supply and heating. Not allowed to install fireplaces on solid fuel in apartments on all floors of a dwelling house, except the top floor, as well as any multi-level apartment, located on the last height of the house (but let's face it, agree on the fireplace is not in the elite house, even on the top floor - too long and thankless undertaking).<br /><br />Denied and the transfer of heat sinks on the glassed-in balcony, but the issue of accession of balconies to flats so rich and varied that the possible pitfalls of this redevelopment scenario we consider in a separate article.<br />/ / Owner<br />
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