Rebilding-new concept in the market

18.09.2010 22:35
In real estate there are more new concepts to import the prefix "re" - "repositioning", "restructuring" ... One of the latest - "rebilding. However, if you call a spade a spade, rebilding - it just changes. More precisely - to change the appearance of the building without a thorough restructuring.

Playing in the scenery
Immediately worth to remark: this is the rebilding fundamentally different from the ordinary finishes. If, for example, a pine log cabin siding or veneer paneling, without making any architectural transformations, it is the easiest retyuning. And if, in addition to pereoblitsovke appear decorative elements (turrets, remote attic, balconies, even males, weathercocks) - we are talking about the present rebildinge. "For example, there is a simple lab-frame house - explains Igor Zaugolnikov, director of marketing communications Rodex Group. - One would think, live da Rejoice. But suddenly in the neighborhood grows lovely mansion of brick, with turrets and carved porch - Ljubo expensive watch. The owner of the box begins to secretly envy. He realizes that he's no worse than a neighbor, he wants the same miracle, but no money, no time for alterations, no. And then one fine day there is a goldfish as a foreman-shabashniks or self-taught architect, that promise "low blood" rework the facade and add a couple of decorative elements, after which the carcass parallelepiped becomes a fabulous Teremok. And if the superintendent's hands fastened as necessary, and an architect instead of the brain is not wool, so it's happening. "

Road to Life
But by and large rebilding for the Russians is not so exotic. Enough to travel around the village to see the rickety huts among the squalid houses bright toys - with carved porches, shutters, doors, chimneys fun. Rare, original masters have always been able to give a charm to his dwelling. For example, one time TV reporters regularly rode into the village at the Gorky Ozherelki direction to enjoy the home-garden. Rebildingom used and the Moscow authorities, "ottyuningovav" standard five-storey Khrushchev and Brezhnev's nine-panel in the Metro Sokolniki. But most of all reconstruction are suburban frame house, and three-story brick monsters, new Russian built in the mid 90's.

"A year ago, when the town market in demand only high quality proposals and, moreover, prices are constantly rising, sellers have become illiquid to invent a way out, - says Sergey Migunov, Head of Marketing and Development group of companies" Conti. " - Property developers and private property owners were thinking how to improve the quality of the finished buildings, so they can be easily implemented. The first external alterations were old brick boxes, as well as lower ekonomsegment.

Ay, master, or the cost of winning

Experts say that in the presence of competent project design and quality materials, the value of property increased by an average of 10-30%, and more - are very rare. "It all depends on how serious was reworking and how seamlessly the renovated building fit into the landscape, - said I. Zaugolnikov. - The average cost of a typical house of 150 sq. km. m amount to 200-250 thousand rubles. From 25 to 60 thousand rubles. have been put in developing the plan. " "Growth rates depends on the particular house and individual projects - complements S. Migunov. - The average increase is $ 100-120 per square. m. Thus, the modernized structure may grow by more than 10%. "

However, not all at once at home after a reconstruction of the liquid and become popular. "Such services are most often ordered the owners of old buildings - built 1997-2004, - says Oleg Steps, CEO MIEL Investment in low-rise construction." - According to them, what "hut" to finally get a decent look, automatically increase its market value. But that's the rub. Buildings of that period are mostly located in villages, where either no central communications, or not well-developed infrastructure, a highly heterogeneous social composition of residents. Often there are significant problems with the layout, the house is not always functional. In short, only rebildingom here is not saved. "

Who needs it

Very active in using this strategy homeowners economy class. Became frequent instances where the customer runs the architects for the final stage of construction of a model home in an inexpensive neighborhood. And this option is not only justified but also beneficial. It's better to order everything at once, than to fool his head "fuzzy" payments at various stages. "Less transform business-class cabins. As a rule, "tune" do not need anything, we are talking about an organized township with a particular architectural style, "- adds S. Migunov. And it is quite rare for help designers becomes the owner elitki - for example, if the exterior of the "house with history in the village ceased to hold starodachnom owner. Received orders from the owners of expensive, but grayed from old houses, situated on the banks of reservoirs.

Finally, there is another category of customers. Extreme shortage of funds forced people to buy a faceless frame housing, with an eye on it to increase its attractiveness in the future. The main thing - to choose a reliable company, good, a lot of them today. "Rebildingom willingly engaged in developing companies, in a structure where there are development organizations and Architectural offices, - says Sergey Migunov. - Now this offer and demand in the market, so to speak, in the public domain. "

More is coming!
The future of this business experts sees the most rosy. The crisis has forced the developers to sell land without a contract, the latter-day owners who built in that much. Even today you can take a ride on such settlements, and make sure that the "Shanghai" without a single style are growing by leaps and bounds. And those who had enough money only on the ground, and did put off the construction of housing to better times. As a result, those who have already built up, will have to live next to vacant lot overgrown with weeds or noisy protracted. "Only by rebildinga will be to improve the liquidity facilities built on land without a contract, - said S. Migunov. - So what works in these villages in the near future will be enough for some companies. "

However, opinion I. Zaugolnikova much more pessimistic: "neglect" Shanghai "is no rebilding not help. After picky buyer looks not only at the architectural design, materials and condition of the site, but primarily on the neighborhood. Social environment - a very important point when choosing real estate. You can decorate your own picture as a mansion, but if there will be crying technique, the object even with a fine "tuning" does not find a buyer. "
Sergey Romanov

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