Pros and cons of a frame house

11.09.2010 09:55
Technology frame construction among the most promising, low-rise building.
Appearing a few years ago they acquired immense popularity in Europe and builds an army of fans in Russia. In this area there are many supporters and opponents each have a lot of reasons and evidence to stand on his own. Now we consider the arguments of both sides.
The most important advantage in the frame construction is the cost, because the main cause of frame construction, has been an increase in prices for building materials. Prices have increased by several times that dramatically forced to seek other methods of home construction, new technologies and so on. Building a plus. That is what this house does not shrink. Because of its ease of foundation can be shallow and not massive, such as, for example where the soil is important wetlands, rather than clay.
The downside is. That although the materials and cheap, but the frame house manufacturing, should engage experts in order to house turned out successfully all the details should ideally suited to each other. And since the frame is engaged in manufacturing are not so many firms, they are free to raise the cost as they please. As a result, the amount of custom frame at 30-40-50% more than if you produced it yourself.
It would seem negative, but still, plus it's heat and noise insulation. Saying the thicker the better in the 21 st century is no longer working. Technology to improve data quality in abundance. With a special veneer facade and wall insulation, you will be comfortable and plus and minus 30.
Minus the house frame type does not have a large margin of safety as a brick, all the same house stands on a wooden frame. Hurricane-force winds over 50 meters per second will make to come to the horror of the inhabitants of this house.
Plus, even though the house is mostly made of wood all the materials are impregnated with combustible substances and the house is more likely to smolder than burn a wild fire as is the case with conventional wooden houses. Also, when an earthquake will be home to behave calmly, brick houses on small tremors make cracks at large there is a risk of collapse.
Minus, it is not life at home. They say nothing is eternal, lifetime frame 30 to 100 years. 30 years of house can not stand if you build it out of bad materials bad hands.
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