Projects and project solutions, popular in the private housebuilding

13.09.2010 04:50
Articles about the construction | Projects and project solutions, popular in the private housebuilding 1. What types of projects today are more in demand: cottages for permanent residence, holiday houses or homes with any particular set of consumer characteristics?

2. What information sources do you use, selecting projects for your customers (the designing, ordering a friendly architectural studios, using banks of finished projects)?
From what sources do you know about wishes and preferences of the mass customer? Whether they have changed over the years?

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What people say about their project preferences of your potential customers?

3. Describe the project, which is most likely to become the best-selling project in your segment. What are the main features of the project demanded a country house of the sample in 2010.

New projects and "hybrid" technologies
What are the design and technological solutions offered by builders today are most in demand in private housing? In the last issue of "AOR" We talked about it with those who sell ready-made projects ("Giving our time," AOR »№ 7, 2010). Today, continuing a series of surveys of construction companies, we decided to ask about the popular design solutions for builders.

Note that the "evidence" is virtually gone and it is reduced to a common denominator: in all segments of the private housebuilding popular eco-friendly, energy-efficient, simple in construction and require minimal maintenance cottages. Moreover, if the segment democratic houses these requirements due primarily to reasons of economy, for business-class objects, this means at least attracted to the maintenance and operation of the cottage staff. Modern engineering and security systems make it possible to minimize dependence on the "human factor" in the face of drunken plumber, sleeping watchman or careless janitor. All aspects related to energy efficiency and "chelovekonezavisimostyu, laid in the foundation of home ownership at the design stage. And if so, is it worth saving on the project?

And builders and dealers, specializing in the sale of finished projects, it is believed that today's customer is the most popular type of home - a cottage area of 120-150 square meters. m (representatives of companies specializing in business-class homes, say the demand for objects larger than 200 square meters. m, but their requirements are the same). In any home, regardless of size, all should be ergonomically designed and calibrated to the smallest detail: properly fit the stairs, San nodes (assuming that they are both the first and second floor). Typical layout of our time suggests that in the first place is a house with a loft, which is "private" area (bedrooms for all family members) met planning and open space of the main (first) floor: it can be arranged living room, obosob-lennaya kitchen utility rooms. Such a plan requires a minimum of partitions and separate rooms. Exception, not dictated too gentle climate of the Russian North-West - lobbies, hallways required (if a dedicated hall eats a significant place hall or living room - most likely, the project is taken in warmer climates).

A distinctive feature of the majority in today pulyarnyh projects - roof simple configurations (often gable), under which are residential. In turn, this means the competent organization of the attic space: it must be insulated with high quality (by the way, this is true in the winter and hot in summer) and it should not be unexploited corners. In addition, this implies a minimum of roof maintenance.

Massive basement with utility rooms (most important of which was once the boiler), as well as built-in garage are gone. Garage was replaced Attached carport, from under which you can also enter the house (by the way, houses have no garage at all, today is also not uncommon). Today, few middle-class needs a private garage and a modern heating equipment, as a rule, does not require a separate room under the boiler room. Nevertheless, modern homes have to be a spacious separate room for storing garden and garden furniture and equipment, means for today's homeowner - a great variety: from benzokosilok to ATVs.

Potential homeowners are becoming more experienced. One of the participants in our survey said that even an abnormally snowy winter has made its adjustments to the design and layout preferences: Combining home and, regardless of the size of the plot (and in Russia today, as before, are valued at large) today do not "throw" on the territory and tend to group close as possible to move - as far as it allows overall architectural design. Yet even here the trend is clear: in all segments of the design decisions in pulyarny home, requiring minimal effort and maintenance costs.

A few words about today's popular technical solutions. One of the most popular - the passive house with the hybrid heating system. By itself implies a system of electric heating (it can be convector, or knotted at the water "warm floor"), supplemented with high-quality furnace heating with air. In this case, during the cold season electric heating support in the home-zero temperature. But, having come to this house on a winter vacation, the owner can easily warm it up to a comfortable temperature traditional "dacha" manner - through a wood fire or stove. "Smart" electric heating, not allowing the house to cool and freeze water in pipes, controlled by an electronic controller. Such systems are operated in the wood, and frame cottages and homes of aerated concrete. Another innovation - sunken window openings, suggesting complete with shutters do without too aesthetic "nashlepok" over the windows. This solution is also implemented in the homes of different types of technology (frame, aerated).

Naturally, the question arises: what is a cottage built in the light of this set of requirements - a home for permanent residence or a cottage? Today, the boundaries between these definitions are blurred. One of the trends of the present moment, make the choice of projects by private customers, is to change "geography" of suburban areas and suburbs, designed for permanent residence. Citizens are not ready to abandon the usual urban environment (especially social infrastructure), but want as much time to spend in the country. That is why in a cottage village and in nearby suburban areas of the city built more homes "hybrid" that can be for a long time to be empty, but ready to comfortably take their masters at any time of year. From a holiday home cottage inherits architectural "transparency" to the environment (terraces, porches, large windows, the large number of guest rooms and utility rooms), from a cottage for permanent residence - inherent in urban housing set of amenities. But in any case, modern country house should be economical in the construction and operation, volatile and vandal resistant.

As for the projects that have a chance to become the best-selling projects, then each building organizations, professionals we surveyed, they own. And it may be their own development, and already adapted to the requirements of our customers finished projects of Russian and foreign banks and directories. The main project to be audited, and the builders were not allowed to own expensive experiments at the expense of the customer.

Peter Molchanov, senior consultant in the field of cottage construction company RusVudHaus:

1. According to the results of the study of suburban real estate market specialist agency DomFinland, "group company" RusVudHaus, the most in demand at home for permanent residence in the vicinity of the city (less than 35 km), with a readiness at least for finishing in the price position up to 5 million rubles.

2. Since the company specializes in building houses from glued beams (Angarsk pine, cedar, larch) and houses the manual logging of large diameter logs, our customers are experiencing a shortage of supply of finished projects. Typically, the customer gives us an idea in the form of a drawing by hand or computer image of a stone or frame house with a desire to shift it into a tree. The company "RusVudHaus works successfully in the market of country building more than ten years, and our specialists will always help the customer with the embodiment of his ideas, dreams. Of course, we keep track of new fashions, new trends in the development of wooden architecture. The use of laminated veneer lumber has significantly expanded the possibilities for organizing the space in wooden houses - including customer demand huge windows, the second light, etc. are of paramount importance and timing of the start of construction to the housewarming. We propose the construction of houses on a turnkey basis from laminated veneer lumber in just four months, from a log cabin hand - for six months.

3. Today, the eco-fashion and comfort, and best-selling project in our segment - the home of 120-150 square meters. m, a cross between a tourist and business-class wood (laminated veneer lumber or logs), one floor plus a penthouse with a balcony, covered terrace, fireplace with the second light, kitchen, 3-4 bedrooms, technical premises. Near the house a shed for two cars.

Roman Shulika, Commercial Director LivinVud:

1. The need for affordable housing has not disappeared, but the crisis has forced people to approach this problem more rationally. We at "LivinVud" increasingly notice the keen interest in projects with a carefully thought-out planning solutions to optimize the acquisition cost of one square meter area. The choice of the customer finishing materials and accessories, too, confirms this trend. Undoubtedly, the demand for houses for permanent living above, as for many families it is the only affordable housing problem, while the suburban house is a nice addition to an existing dwelling. Although I have suggested that over time, chalet buildings will be appropriate development, especially in the Leningrad region.

2. Specificity of our company, working on its own production base, can not work with projects of other organizations. Industrial and technological features that should be considered when designing, third parties may not take into account and the cost of mistakes in this case is very high. It is for this reason that the company "LivinVud" has its own architectural design office, which also works with individual projects and develop the model, respectively, averaged over a series of ideas about housing. Again, this is a good opportunity to optimize costs while creating a project and does not obstruct the feedback. Of course, the recent mass customer preferences have changed: the reduction of projected area of the structure, the emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental performance of the materials used - the main trend. Very often, clients come from the architectural design borrowed from our Finnish neighbors. Of course, in designing the Finns have accumulated vast experience and knowledge (it's borders, to which we should aspire), but simply adapt a "picture" of our reality is not always possible due to national peculiarities. For example, the Russians do not accept the lower ceiling, which is in honor of Finnish colleagues and the change in altitude leads to a change in architectural appearance, and, unfortunately, not always for the better.

3. In our company, such a project - the Russian version of the Finnish House of laminated veneer lumber (sometimes with warming) in a one floor plus a spacious loft that is home a total area of 120-140 square meters. m. On the first floor are required: a well-designed bath and laundry facilities, a cozy living area, bright kitchen / dining room and a small guest bedroom. Top floor, equipped with bathroom, three bedrooms (a little more for the parents, a little less for children) plus a balcony. Of course, in choosing the best-selling project is very important and emotional component, which is always a deeply personal connection with the image and concept of dream home, and there can be significant, any, even the smallest detail.

Stanislav Pechenkin, General Director of "Vladimirskaya Rus":

1. We are building a home for permanent residence, and our customers are the residents of not only Russia but also Germany, Finland, Norway and France.

2. Our company employs its architects, and, accordingly, have their own projects. Demand for a particular project, we determined from interviews with customers, can fulfill the wishes of the most demanding customers. Until now, claims to us at the customers were not, although the requirements are increasing, as is becoming more willing to have a comfortable apartment house outside the city.

3. We do not have similar projects, all projects are exclusive. Our company uses for the construction of the north woods, the wood is hard selection (diameter logs - from 28 cm). Build houses any number of storeys and complexity, corresponding to the high demands of our customers.

Sergei Vytnov, CEO ROSSTROY:

1. We always focus on providing a full range of services for the design and construction of houses for permanent residence, and country houses with the possibility of year-round use.

2. Customers come to us with ready-made projects acquired from other organizations, but we also have our house projects. But in any case requires an individual approach to customers. Everyone has different preferences, so we recycle or develop projects from scratch, based on the wishes and needs of our valued clients.

3. If we talk about the project's bestselling, today it is a two-storey house of 120-150 square meters. m of aerated concrete or brick 200-250 square meters. m, but always functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Roman Zotov, director of development company Ollikaysen Rus "in the Moscow region:

1. In the central region, the most in demand are two options: a home for year-round 350-400 square meters. m, with a full second floor (and possibly with a separate home for service personnel) and a small cottage, mostly summer residence 150-190 square meters. m, with attic, second floor. For customers still important basic characteristics: the quality of wooden materials, qualified builders, well conceived project.

2. Dialogue with a potential client usually begins with an examination of our catalog projects. Gradually, ascertain the wishes and preferences of the customer, moving to the choice of specific solutions. Approximately 30% of potential buyers of our homes come with projects varying degrees of readiness and completeness. It's like our own projects (some clients have a construction or architectural education) as well as projects for other manufacturers of wooden houses. We can not say that we are working in a segment of the mass of customers, so the approach to each client individually. We always listen to the wishes of customers and offer a choice of - materials, technology and design solutions. It is mandatory to pay attention to the client on the possible incompatibility or bottlenecks of the project.

3. Country house 380 square. m of laminated veneer lumber, in two full floors, with additional facilities (boiler room, sauna), without a basement and attic, but with two (or more) verandas. There are additional solutions - such as high sliding windows to enter the porch. Perhaps it is all the features that are most often choose our customers!

Rustam Mamashev, CEO Stroyinvest:
1. Today, more demand for houses for permanent residence. Saint Petersburg not far behind world trends, and residents are moving slowly out of town. Agree that live there in his house 150-200 sq. m much better than in a stuffy town 1,5-2 times smaller in size concrete box, but still bogged down in the mortgage for the next ten years. Since most sites where people are going to build their own homes, are in horticulture, the requirements for the homes often are in a reasonable price (up to 2-3 million rubles.) Environmental and materials used: wood, less brick. In this case, the frame house - the optimum solution.

2. Our company has its own projects and collaborating with the architectural studios, using their database projects. But any project we always prefer to finish off, bringing frame technology is perfected, including ensuring compliance with the wishes of customers and constructive suggestions. Customer preferences, of course, have changed. If you previously built the brick "locks", no different architectural delights, now want to get a utilitarian structure, and beautiful with very different in appearance.

3. The project is a house of 150 square meters. m has to offer and our company. Its main advantages can be described with a few words: efficiency, environmental friendliness, ergonomics, comfort and safety. The project envisages the possibility of changing the interior layout and basic dimensions of the house. This house can accommodate even the six hectare site! And also to vary its exterior (siding, blockhouse, simulator logs, wild stone) and interior (walls - Lining or plasterboard, flooring - planed boards or tiles). Advanced technologies allow us to maximize efficiency combine low prices, quality and time savings.
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