Project work in construction to rise 17%

19.11.2010 11:26
Articles about the construction | Project work in construction to rise 17% After the enactment of the Tax Code, the cost of the project works in construction will grow by 15-17%.

Said director of the project team Archimatika Alexander Popov, The correspondent wrote.

According to him, at the moment a lot of design work performed by private entrepreneurs, who act as contractors or subcontractors. "Such a state of emergency in the mainly paying flat tax - 200 hryvnia per month." After the adoption of the Tax Code, Art. 291.2.1 paragraph "l" of this draft document, physical persons-entrepreneurs in the field of design will be forced to move to a common system of taxation, under which pay income tax - 15% and considerable contributions to the funds, "- explains Popov.

He noted that the adoption of the Tax Code will force designers facilities increase the value of their services for at least 15% income tax, and maybe all of 17% in the cases stipulated by Art. 167.1, not to mention compensation payments to the funds. "

The expert also said that "compared to the pre-crisis level, the cost of design work in Ukraine decreased significantly. Today, prices reached their" bottom ", equaling the cost of organizing the design process and increasing the tax burden will fall on the budgets of developers."

As previously reported, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during the second reading of the draft Tax Code has increased in 3,2 times the tax rate on land within the boundaries of settlements, which have not held normative and monetary evaluation.
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