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05.09.2011 00:45
Articles about the construction | Private House: Building and repair Part of the work we do on their own, choose the economical material, master the non-waste production.

Construction and repair of a country house - those activities that require large financial investments. Most consumers are understandably concerned with how to make the process less costly. Can I do construction and repair work, if not free (it is clear that this goal is unattainable in principle), then at least less overhead? This question was understood journal

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The first idea is called, lies on the surface - some types of work can be done independently. Yes, many manufacturing operations are complex and require mandatory involvement of professionals - but there are also those that do not need any qualifications at all.

Work, which almost do not need any skills - preliminary. Prepare the site for construction, to collect and remove debris with it - with the desire to cope with each. When it comes to repairs, make sure you will need to tear off wallpaper, otskoblit old plaster from the walls. "Evaluate their own strength, certainly something you can do without professional help", - tells Elena Alferov, a private, interior designer.

You can take and for something larger scale. Among such cases Egorochkin Alexander, General Director of ZAO "Rauma", refers to digging the pit for the foundation. This typically attract workers, construction equipment - but it can be done independently. All you need here - it's a shovel and wheelbarrow for removal of land. And, of course, willing to work.

If the structure is not very serious (for example - a small country house), you can try to make the foundation of their own. Reserve savings significant enough: the foundation of the house up to 20% of its value. Traditionally, foundations of houses flooded in monolithic technology, but there is more simple - the blocks. "With this kind of work, - said Alexander Egorochkin - will manage 2-3. They will need a crane - it can be rented for one day. " However, the expert continues, taking such a decision, you should still soberly assess their strength. While in print and online there are plenty of materials on construction technology, it is necessary that at least one person in your family "team" versed in the issues of building - and not "theoretical," but it really is. Otherwise, the saving in the construction phase, you can get a house that falls apart in record time.

We are looking for an alternative

Another significant provision of economy - consider what materials you intend to use, and consider whether it is possible to find a replacement - it is often cheaper. For example, in most cases, the interior design of the building used drywall. However, it has an alternative - of glass sheets (SML). They can be used not only in domestic but also in outdoor finishing work - they do not swell, do not exfoliate, and do not deform under prolonged exposure to moisture. For this reason, magnesium is perfect for use in baths, swimming pools and basements. And on fire, they are in class A, ie, are in line with such materials as concrete, steel and stone. In this assembly of glass sheets by using the same technology as the drywall.

Another interesting example, recommended by our consultants - use a decorative filler, which is visually smooths irregularities. Put it on the wall can be your own - it is much easier than do the alignment.

However, with the economy (as with everything in the world) should not overdo it. "Many times we were convinced that the final cost is actually not so much dependent on the price of the material, - said Alexander Pronin, deputy general director of" Taiga was given. " - But "savings" often results in new spending in future phases. For example, the idea is to replace the brick on concrete blocks - this stuff is really cheaper. But the house of the foam blocks will require additional cladding on the outside, a more thorough and expensive interior decoration. And if we talk about the construction of the tree, the most rational ... are laminated veneer lumber or logs. Normal beam is smaller, but it quickly crack, and the structure of it must finish inside and out. In general, it may happen: first, really save, but then there are new spending. "

Get accustomed to the "line"
Another provision for savings - choose the less expensive versions. As a rule, many manufacturers produce "line" of products - from the premium segment to the housekeeper. In this latter category of products - not necessarily of inferior quality. They are usually made from the same materials and the same technology as their more expensive "brothers" - simply have fewer features. "This summer we released an economy model for setting salary dormer roof in profiled - says Victoria Gordovenko, manager of business development for VELUX. - It costs 20% lower than the universal model, while it has all the modern features. "

By the way, the window and creates another opportunity for savings. The valves are known to be opened in one or two planes (which, of course, affects their price), or may not open at all. Now think: how often do you open at home all the windows completely? Hardly. Usually confine themselves to a window and a sash (if hot), and the rest of the windows stay closed for years. And why pay for the possibility of opening - especially the two-plane?

"Tyuninguem" facade
Quite often, an old house that is already on the site are quite satisfied with the hosts - he is warm and durable. That just looks like something outdated, I would give it a new look ... Usually for restoration of facades using stucco, siding or other similar materials, but they cost a lot, and require training in use - there has to involve professional builders. But recently, the market appeared entirely new product: the elements of extruded polystyrene foam. They can be used to frame windows with new aprons, split front eaves, even arrange the house colonnade. These architectural elements are quite a bit and then have the light weight and easy and fast to install.

"Building a 'garden
Besides the actual house, a real gem of your suburban property should become part of. Times, when every square inch of land housewifely gardeners have tried to squeeze as many apples or carrots, are long gone. Today the main purpose of a garden - to be a place for recreation.

Landscape design, which turns the plot in the garden - also on the generally accepted concept is very expensive. But look closely: you can not do anything here cheaper? For example, Alpine hills fashion today. First, they can pour their own. And secondly, as a material for them is perfect ... debris remaining after the erection of a house: no one would guess, on what is blooming plants. Or water. If you want to not very extensive, it will fit as he dug into the ground ... an old bathtub.

And when you create a garden lighting system expensive underground cables can not run - they can be replaced by battery lamps.
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