Popular back room in standard flats

29.08.2014 01:00
Articles about the construction | Popular back room in standard flats Previously, when the range of housing was not nearly as wide as it is today, and have the choice of waiting there was virtually no apartments with pantries and "Teschin" rooms were valued most highly. Nowadays, even the typical apartments, including "odnushki" often have an area that allows to equip the storeroom for various applications. Modern buyers economy and comfort class try the best use of purchased meters. Therefore, the most popular - apartments with free planning, because they can find a couple of square meters under the "secret" room. But even in the model homes, where redevelopment is often either not possible, or very limited, design solutions or suggest the presence of a spacious hall, and a large kitchen, which, if desired, can also be equipped with a storage room. Experts told exactly what barns are of the greatest interest in the future new settlers.


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The first owners of new apartments strive to provide a storage area. After moving storage issue becomes especially important. Usually already during the repair becomes clear where you can place your pantry - as a rule, for these purposes is isolated 2-3 m. meter in the lobby or hallway. The apartments with free planning pantries sometimes fence off capital partition with own door. In the model homes, if an entrance allows use lightweight construction or mobile partitions, which, if desired, can be dismantled. By the way, having a large pantry ("dark" room or "Teschin angle") today many are willing to allocate to the guest room. In fact, the shortage of living space is not such a bad idea: it is much better than to lay a guest on a cot in the common room or on the kitchen couch.


In second place on demand - closets. In most cases, a dressing room can successfully replace the built-in wardrobe and the same storage room with shelves and hangers. But, nevertheless, many people prefer to equip a separate mini room, for example, to store in the expanded form of winter clothes in bags and shoes. Often inserted into the dressing room to the bedroom to have quick access to the things that are used daily.


Design decisions some buildings presupposes a laundry room: as a rule, they represent a small dark room, where you can set the washing machine and equipment for drying laundry, lockers for household chemicals, etc. If the size of the premises permit, which can be instantly and iron clothes, and place small suspension structures for storing small household items. Since the installation of the washing machine requires a connection to the water supply, laundry room located next to the kitchen or bathroom, that is, where the presence of accord "wet areas". Sometimes, however, instead of a laundry apartment owners decide to equip the second - guest - a bathroom.

Library or office

Sometimes buyers of apartments in new buildings, additional square footage for your own library, and - less frequently - under study. Cabinet in a dark room with no windows is not very convenient, but the book just thrive in the absence of sunlight and daylight. With proper organization of space in this room, you can create a real reading room - a small sofa settee, comfortable pillows and a reading lamp. Despite the fact that today are becoming increasingly popular e-books and the Internet, browse real book lovers as well as those who are engaged in collecting second-hand books, very much.
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