Patchwork as a way to bring comfort and warmth of home

26.11.2012 00:45
Articles about the construction | Patchwork as a way to bring comfort and warmth of home If we take unwanted clothes, tucked fabric, thread and imagination, you can get a nice and cozy blanket! "The owner is" studying patchwork to create a homey feel. A good hostess all that is in the house, can be useful. It is time a large backlog of old clothes, and once purchased fabrics unnecessary sheets and other fabric. In today's article we will focus on such as needlework patchwork. This method of creating beautiful, useful and comfortable things, the matching method in a mosaic of patches known since ancient times. Another concept that combines this kind of needlework, quilting (quilting - sewing, quilting). It has included several types of needlework techniques, in addition to Patchwork: applique, embroidery and traditional quilting and stitching. Embroidered and sewn work called the quilt, but the masters of their craft - Quilter.

The hardest part of any business - is to start. In the patchwork to begin creation, if it is your first experience, you should not choose an elaborate design, large parts and simple color combinations.

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Our hero today will be covered. This element of the decor in the apartment contains not only a practical sense, but is also used as decoration. Besides, what could be nicer on a cold night to get a couch, wrapped in a blanket, her own work.

What you need to start creating?

Those who like to engage in manual work knows how important it is to have a proper job. May depend not only skillfully executed work, but health crafter. Since a separate workshop, few can afford, will serve as an excellent option table-transformer. Also for patchwork and quilting sewing machine is required, many manufacturers joined table and sewing machine in one. For example, is such a convenient multifunctional table:

Unfolded dimensions: 164 (W) x 152 (d) x 74 (H) cm Dimensions when folded: 95 x 49 x 76 cm What is appropriate for our small apartments.


Toolkit is a garment worker arsenal. And every master their "magic wand", with which he performs miracles. We will list of the necessary tools, without which you can probably do without, but that you just will stand in good stead.

Line. Including millimeter, in order to make your products are smooth and symmetrical, and kaleydoskopnye - to create the right kaleydoskopnyh symmetrical patterns;
Knives and scissors for fabric. It is important to keep them properly - no moisture to avoid rust, and be sure to edge, so as not to damage the edges of the fabric;
Mats (rugs for cutting). Allow precisely cut pieces of fabric. Usually have samozazhivlyayuschuyusya surface and Image: Patchwork as a way to bring into the house cozy and teplonanesennuyu grid in cm and inch;
Iron (device for piping). Suitable for smoothing applications of piping, but is great for leveling seams, which patchwork can be many;
Glue on paper. It is useful to you in order that the fabric is not shifted and fidgeted at work;
Sewing machine. If you want to deal with not only patchwork, and embroidery, then you should think about the good, the multifunction machine. But not so difficult to fit any active sewing sewing machine. Facilitate sewing needle quilting machine;
Special foot and magnifying glass. If you would like quilts, for execution stitches you need additional accessories to the sewing machine: foot BSR, as well as a magnifying glass, attached to the foot machines;
British pins. To the layers of patches did not disintegrate before and baste stitch, fasten them with pins. However, all the familiar English not suitable for quilting. This is where the special bent pins, they do not interfere with smetyvanii and sharper, but not cheap;
Insulation. If you want to make a warm blanket, for any middleware used cloth will not do. You must use either thermal insulation cotton cloth, or parka (pressed, normal or Thinsulate). Can also be used with synthetic padding quilted calico;
Gloves for quilting. Perfect for long work with cloth as relieving pressure from the fingers (to help keep the fabric), and also prevent tissue dirty and greasy;
Plastic patterns for patchwork. Certainly when you learn and understand what is patchwork, you will want to develop their skills. You can do it if complicate mosaic patterns. It is better to use a ready-made plastic templates that are available, such as online stores.


Fabric stores in Moscow and on the Internet a lot. But remember - it is difficult to pick up the fabric so that was a good combination of colors, and at the same time the perfect combination of textures and texture. In this type of craft using 100% cotton, because of its elasticity and no minimum deformation during washing. Most probably, the popular fabric for whom hunting is advanced quilter and pechvokery - the fabrics from the U.S.. Cost of 1 meter is 300 rubles and more. Visit the store I was able to theme this September in Alaska. So many home warmth that I immediately wanted to do something like that in my house. Such stores often sell ready sets of tissues.

First experience

One always wants to create something incredible, but before you start a complicated pattern, start with the simple. For example, a friend of mine from Novosibirsk, the young wife and the mistress of the house, Irina, wanting to learn this needlework, chose a simple patchwork pattern, use a small amount of tissue and finished quilting calico with synthetic padding.

To create this quilt you will need patience, good humor, and 3 weeks for an unhurried and careful stitching. Irina says that it is important to accurately measure the fabric to match all the seams!

Products for home comfort, created by their own hands, not only can warm you and decorate your home, but will be a nice present for loved ones and close friends. But soon the new year and winter!
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