Parquet board or laminate?

08.08.2011 07:15
Articles about the construction | Parquet board or laminate? It seems that the laminate and wood flooring is only one difference: the wooden parquet and laminated wood is not. But this is not the case. Even the laminate is 80-85% of the tree. We offer a look into all the intricacies of "confrontation" parquet and laminate flooring.

"In Ukraine, parquet flooring has traditionally been considered a premium. Laminates, in turn, many consumers associate with a more affordable analog floorboard, - says Eugene Garden, Director of Marketing and Business Development laminate" Tarkett "in Ukraine. - But modern laminate floorboard is not inferior in many ways such as, for example, durability and ease of care, while providing virtually limitless design possibilities. Of course, the benefits of wood floors is undeniable: it is a natural material to give the interior an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. However, in some cases, for example, when the room needed to hold regular wet cleaning (if child), the laminate is literally irreplaceable. Amendment to customers reflect the results of sales in 2010, sales of laminates have increased on average by 17% in 2011, this trend continues, " .

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Price floorboard is largely determined by the breed of valuable wood, which is produced from the upper layer, the design effects of the upper layer processing, as well as the size of blades - the upper layer of slats. Thus, the SSB board will cost an average one and a half to two times more than the three-band design of the same wood, due to higher raw material costs.
Among the most popular wood species are available and traditional breeds, such as oak, beech and ash.



Price laminate depends on several factors: the quality of the manufacturer and class load. Laminate flooring for the home cheaper than for commercial applications. The price of a laminate of one manufacturer, and one collection of one class does not change depending on the decor.



Approximate cost of the installation


When laying a floating way - about 350 euro / sq. m, with the glue method of laying - 400 euro / sq. m

The cost of the work does not include the preparation of a qualitative basis.



Normal (direct) - 200 euro / sq. m

In the kitchen and hallway - from 250 euro / sq. m

Diagonally - about 300 euro / sq. m

The cost of the work does not include the preparation of a qualitative basis.


Environmentally friendly

Parquet board is made of natural wood, so it is 100% eco-friendly material.

Laminate flooring is at 80-85% of wood, but inferior to the environmental completely natural floorboard.


Traditional design is based on the beauty of natural wood. Recently, however, are increasingly popular design with unusual effects - brashirovanie wood, thermo-and paroobrabotka, unusual toning, including the effect of "metallic" colors, or chameleon.


Unlimited number of colors and designs: wood, tile, stone, marble, design drawings - fruit, flowers, toys, and graffiti.


ease of installation

Laying: Floating glueless method (lock connection) or by sticking to the ground floor. Lock eliminates the need to glue the board together and allows repeatedly disassemble coverage.

Laying: A simple way glueless floating installation (lock connection).



The tree can push heavy furniture and heels, but the paint effectively resists minor scratches.

Requires compliance with the rules of operation - like a constant temperature and humidity, does not like water, chemicals and sand. Particularly vulnerable to climate change such species as beech and maple.

Amenable to restoration: can be sanded up to 4 times and re-varnish.

Serves 25-30 years (with proper installation, operation and maintenance).



High-quality laminate flooring is not afraid of scratches on heels and furniture, and resistant to indentation loads, not fades malovosplamenyaem, water resistance.

In operation may remain traces of bare feet or hands - you must use a special cleanser.

Can not be restored.

A good laminate can serve up to 20 years.



Less hollow, compared to laminate, the coating (especially stacked adhesive means), and floating installation recommended a 2-mm sound-absorbing substrate.

"Noisy" sex: use a special sound-absorbing substrate.

thermal insulation

The surface temperature of both surfaces is the same and equal to room temperature. Parquet by virtue of its naturalness is perceived as a "warm" material.



Easy maintenance: regular dry cleaning. Depending on the intensity of the load on the floor should periodically use special care products for lacquered parquet floors.
You can not use wet cleaning (just a well-wrung cloth), abrasives for cleaning.



Easy Care: Sales have special cleaners to help with the flooring can be easily removed so strong pollution, as traces of markers, shoe cream, fat, and even glue. In addition to the application of a household, the laminate must clean, well-wringing a rag, wiping it dry, to leave no residue.

What to choose - or laminate flooring - depending on your desires, needs and values ​​of the purse. In any case, it's up to you.

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