Overview of new products in 2012 on the market of air conditioners

22.06.2012 09:45
Articles about the construction | Overview of new products in 2012 on the market of air conditioners We compared the new items of different brands, most running performance. The models presented in this review are suitable for most apartments, as permit conditioned space from 20 to 25 m2. Key terms

Most often, when discussing the air conditioner in the descriptions and characteristics, the following terms and definitions:

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Split-system (it is about them will be discussed in this review) - is a conditioner, which consists of two blocks, one of which is installed in the premises (inside) and the other - on the outside (external).

Inverter - electronic device that allows you to vary the rotational speed of the compressor. Its use extends the life of air conditioning by 30-50%, and also contributes to energy savings of up to 35% compared to conventional models, the compressor running at constant speed.

Cooling capacity - the performance of the air conditioner when operating in cooling mode. This value is a defining characteristic of the device - it depends on the area of ​​the premises on which it was designed. The value of cooling capacity is 3-4 times greater than the power consumption, because energy is spent not on "cold production", and the transfer of heat from the room outside.

Heat - the performance of air conditioning in the heating mode, because the current models of split systems can not only cool but also heat the air. Heat, as well as the cooling capacity is 3-4 times more power consumption, ie 1 kW of power conditioner selects 3-4 kW of heat. Warm with the air conditioner is much cheaper than using electric heaters.

Energy Efficiency Ratio - a value equal to the ratio of performance to power consumption of air conditioning. Determined for the cooling mode (EER) and heating (COP).

Energy efficiency class - characterizes the energy efficiency of equipment during operation. In accordance with the directives of the European Commission Energy and Transport are several classes of energy - energy from the maximum to minimum A G. Sometimes there are models with greater energy efficiency: class «A +», «A + +» and even «A + + +».



A completely new range of indoor units with high energy efficiency. The body is made from high quality white opaque plastic. This led to a very attractive appearance, and now air conditioning - very stylish gadget. Also, this line is very low noise level - about 19 dB, which is hardly discernible to the human ear. But perhaps the most important know-how of a series of FTXS-K/RXS-K - a feature of the instrument control via an Internet connection using smart phones, tablet computers. It is possible to upload weekly planner and meteorological data. However, to perform these functions will have to fork out an additional on-line controller. At the same time she is not new budget. The warranty on the device - 3 years. This air conditioner is perfect lovers of modern innovations.

GREE Series U-Cool

Air conditioners of the series made a breakthrough in climate technology. In addition to the external uniqueness - U-shaped design of the case, the original color of the solution (a device somewhat interchangeable colored panels), a compact indoor unit - these models are very technical. They use inverter technology G10, which in 2011 named "Invention of world significance." Compressors with the G10 technology can operate at ultra-low speed of 1 Hz. In this air conditioner itself consumes only 45 watts of energy. In this split-system 7 speed fan and low noise level - 21 dB, which is comparable to rustling leaves. So this device will not be disturbed at night. Of course, this new category simply can not be cheap. The warranty period is greater than that of most manufacturers (5 years).

Air conditioners of the series perfectly fit into any dÉcor and even become its ornament. Suit a modern, energetic people who love to surround their instruments were a step forward in comparison with the others.



A new series of inverter air conditioners designed to serve a small area of ​​the premises - from 15 to 35 m2. The indoor unit of this model has a modern design, the body is made from high quality plastic exclusive pearl white color. This split system has a low noise level. The new series introduces additional features include: night-time operation mode, saving energy, high-power mode for rapid cooling of the room, as well as adjust the level of tilt horizontal blinds with remote control and manual adjustment of the vertical blinds. In the air conditioner is built reusable air filter is made of special anti-bacterial material to prevent the development of mold and bacteria on its surface. The warranty on the air conditioner - 3 years.

Perfect solution for those who love the minimalism and austerity, but it takes care of the functionality of devices.

GREE Artful Series

Air conditioners in this series are attractive in appearance. They have removable panels in four colors (white, black, red, silver). Devices have a unique function of the «I feel» - a temperature sensor installed in the remote control, measures the temperature of air in the place of its location and transmits this information to the indoor unit. Thus, the instrument is working to achieve the specified parameters of climatic comfort at the location of the remote control. Thanks to the anti-bacterial filters, coated with silver ions, the air in the room is always clean and healthy.
Warranty - 5 years.

Air conditioners in this series will suit those who spend their money wisely. The optimal combination of price and functionality.


LG Series Standart G-AHT

In a series of new products this compact indoor unit - its depth of 184 mm. Because of this, he will not look awkward on the wall. Air conditioners have a low noise level. The regime forced the cold Jet Cool, you can quickly catch up with a cool on a hot afternoon, and then automatically translate the system into cost-effective energy efficiency. Antikorozionnoe coated heat exchanger fins will ensure their long-term protection from adverse environmental conditions and, accordingly, increased resource. Air conditioning is equipped with the "Night Mode", it is possible to automatically restart. It is a pity that the warranty on the LG air conditioners is low - only 1 year.

Air conditioners in this series are ideal for those looking for low-end models, but it wants to look stylish air-conditioning.


The distinguishing feature air-conditioning KITANO - strict Japanese design. The priority is the functionality of the equipment, while it should organically fit into the interior, without attracting attention. A new series of Prestige - Business-class air-conditioned, allowing not only cool or heat the air in the room, but also effectively clean it from dust. Details of the appliance is displayed on the display of the indoor unit. Multi-stage air cleaning system. Model supports the "Night Mode", "Improved performance" and "Auto-Restart". There is also a timer on and off automatically. Warranty - 3 years.

Air conditioners in this series fit thrifty people that it is important that the instrument has not been too many functions for which you have to pay a solid.

Choose a device based on its taste, financial capabilities and requirements for its functionality, but remember - not always the most expensive - the best. And our survey proved it. You cool and comfortable summer!
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