On the design of cottage townships

16.11.2010 00:04
Articles about the construction | On the design of cottage townships Existing snip of Ukraine did not give a definition of "cottage", "cottage (village)." According to the typology can be identified, for example, residential areas in the countryside, a manor, an individual or a low-rise (up to 9 storeys) buildings in the cities for which there are certain rules of design. Thus, when creating a cottage small towns have to be guided by "average" standards, including in the definition of housing density and the calculation of infrastructure.
Architects considered that the design cottage - it is not only time consuming but also does not produce adequate dividends of any material, nor in moral terms. Often, after making preliminary design the customer, selecting a few standard designs of cottages, "bring" the object independently.
And yet, the main work falls on the shoulders of the architect. Moreover, it deals not only with the creation of architectural appearance and layout of individual houses, but also develops space-planning and a conceptual solution of the whole town. Its objectives include the general zoning, location of infrastructure facilities, as well as the division of housing classes, if required, and / or allows the territory.

Often the area occupied by residential houses, comparable to that allocated for social infrastructure. After all, cottage should be comfortable in social terms - to have children and playgrounds, places of leisure and retail, parking for cars, Checkpoint and others.
The architect is obliged to calculate the number and parameters of all objects in the service sector on the basis of the gliding of the residents, as well as provide transport scheme - plan the entry of the group separately for residents, their guests and service vehicles.
At the initial stage of the project involved the creation and specialists - landshaftniki.
Typically, an architect and recommends specific building materials, which will give better overall architectural design and artistic vision - if any, of course, there is.
Experience of the first towns appeared ten years ago in Obukhov direction, shows that the fundamental error when they are created is precisely the absence of a single concept - both architectural and planning, and related to territorial development.
Estimating the number of new projects proposed for cottage real estate market, we can note the undoubted progress - all less often inexpressive typical building in the complete absence of any infrastructure. With the advent of competition, the initiator of the creation of a new cottage to realize: that the buyer has opted for his project, he should have advantages over other objects.

Build in a certain place several residential buildings - does not mean to create a cottage. Contemporary living education must have at least a minimal infrastructure. A collection of objects can be different depending on the type, size and location of the village. In principle, the need for retail outlets, schools and kindergartens in this case is calculated similarly urban development, but on request this list could be expanded - for example, added a restaurant, a cafe, a small hotel or a sports complex with a sauna, a sauna and swimming pool.
Often taken as a basis for U.S. standards. After all, cottage - this is largely an American version of life. Outskirts of big cities of this country are so-called community. These areas are not necessarily a fence and have a checkpoint, but always - a system of protection, maintenance and management. People pay for certain services: garbage collection, delivery of products, and in case of any problems may apply to the leader of this community.

If potential tenants cottage - the audience quite wealthy and you still want to live in exclusive estates, the design can only be an individual - each house and each plot. These towns are in Koncha Zaspa and Pusha-Vodice, where the majority of settling the business or political elite.
In this case, the future owners have complete freedom, defining a boundary of land within which they can build what they want. Typically, the builder or developer, the village has its own design and construction companies, which does custom orders.
If the cottage class below, there are several ways to design a residential area. Developer may choose 4.5 standard designs and offer them a choice of future owners. The construction of houses can be essentially identical and differ only facades.
In another case, the projects may vary in degrees of comfort - the square, interior layout, interior. They are intended for customers of different social status.
Some very creative and energetic owners trying to improve the finished project, which could lead to almost developing a new, and therefore they have to pay for additional work on the design has actually individual homes. However, after the cost estimates, many agree that the original version was the most functional and rational, and go for a minimum of changes.

Over the past few years have changed and the requirements for the set of infrastructure facilities in suburban housing developments - the developer is limited to construction of a major. And not just because it's much cheaper project. In most cases, additional objects are simply unused.

Popular brand operators in the distant from the capital of a gated development involve virtually impossible. However, its inhabitants are quite picky, and prefer to go to a supermarket or a solid sports complex, even arranged for twenty miles, than settle for modest proposals "at hand". Not to mention the kindergartens and schools, which each family chooses individually. Thus, the tendency of formation of major infrastructure centers used by residents of several residential estates and nearby villages.

Noteworthy is another trend that is not typical for Ukraine, but it is clearly seen in the suburbs. Construction of cottages in a modern economy-class towns are increasingly conducted on the American principle: the 20 years the house will stand, and the kids built a new one. This logic is we have not been very close, but the future is likely to become more acceptable.
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