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07.04.2011 07:27
Odezhka wall The modern market offers many types of wallpaper: paper and vinyl, fiberglass and non-woven. Not to be mistaken with a choice, we must be clear objectives, capabilities of various materials and the amount you are willing to spend.

Paper - cheap and cheerful

They make single-layer (simplex) or double (duplex), with smooth or embossed surface. To this day, despite an abundance of options, they remain among the most popular. According to various estimates, their share in the Russian market - from 30 to 60%. The main advantages - environmentally friendly (production virtually eliminates the use of harmful substances and compounds) and low cost (the cost of the roll starts with a mark of 60 rubles.). Disadvantages - poor wear resistance, high sensitivity to damage: repair will have to do at least once every three or four years. Release paper wallpaper in the main producers of Russia and the CIS: Moscow wallpaper factory "," Saratov wallpaper ',' The Turin CDC "," Palette "," Belarusian wallpaper. For security reasons, most commonly paper wallpaper used in children's rooms. Therefore, in the range of all leading manufacturers in large volume are present children's collection (factory "Palette" - Collection "Mosaic", "Belarusian wallpaper" - "Dream", "Saratov wallpaper" - "Smile", etc.).

Vinyl - when they need frequent cleaning

Support can be paper or non-woven, the main advantage - resistance to water and mechanical damage. Walls can be cleaned with a damp cloth (foamed vinyl), and even to wash with a stiff brush (vinyl hot embossing). Most often, the material has a defined structure and topography that allows you to hide minor flaws and damage. Figure does not fade, the color does not tarnish, so the room does not require cosmetic repair of 5-10 years. Modern technologies allow to minimize the presence of hazardous substances, so more and more Russians with low and middle-income picks this stuff. By the way, vinyl offers the best opportunities for imitation. Often these wallpaper is almost impossible to distinguish from the much more expensive fabric coating and weaving of natural materials. Production utilized by both Russian and foreign factories. Domestic collections are cheaper (from 200 rubles. Per roll), foreign - more expensive (from 300 to 600 rub.). Leaders in the manufacture of vinyl wallcoverings - Rasch (Germany), A. S. Cr? Ation, Erismann (Germany), Grantil (France), Graham & Brown (England).

Fabric, textile, glass fiber - in the pursuit of fashion and comfort

To the wall became a real piece of art, you should choose non-traditional surfaces: fabric, glass, mats. In the same series can deliver products from unusual materials such as bamboo and straw. Textile wall represent natural and manmade fiber (flax, cotton, viscose, etc.), pasted on the basis of (paper or non-woven). Fabric - finished cloth, stamped on base. Glass fiber - a material woven from fiberglass. Virtues - strength, durability, very high resistance to deformation. It is in this market segment, the most important role played by fashion, so the choice of "exclusivity" must be prepared to change the cover more often than required by the state of repair and viability. Perhaps the only shortcoming of "special" options - the price. For example, a roll of material velours will cost at least ? 800-1000., Cane - at $ 100 or more. Woven Fabrics and wallpapers cost around ? 700-1500. per roll. Leadership positions are held by the company Rasch (Germany), Eco Tapeter (Sweden), Lesura (France), Bruvatex (Belgium), Sangiorgio (Italy), Omexco (Belgium).

Fashion trends

Coating for the walls - one of those areas where the tastes of the Russians are still very different from the average. Many residents of our country even in the midst of universal fascination minimalism preferred classics: terse tone floral pattern, decorative borders. However, the minimalism gradually loses its leading position. Along with him morally outdated monochrome wallpaper "under painting". Wallpaper relatively unhurried fashion - leading manufacturers produce new collections about once every three to four years. So what's popular today?

Classics. Patterns and ornaments - traditional materials and methods of applying them - modern. For example, designers of Thibaut (U.S.) use the old style "Jouy" - middle-sized "pastoral" drawing (shepherds, cupids, birds, flowers), purple, red, pink color. This technique has been extremely prevalent in France in the XVII-XVIII centuries. But if the past pattern applied to the fabric, now - on a paper basis. In addition, still popularly reasonable mix of styles (eg, classical and country music), styling the "cross-cultural" theme. Topical and vertical stripe. It draw up the wall in full or until the middle (Seaside, Eco-Borastapeter).

Florists. Art Deco and classical motifs, combinations of incongruous colors and halftones, Orientalism and scenic collages in the style of Matisse, and - in all these areas dominated by flowers, grass and flower buds. Collection Fiori (Rasch) combines unobtrusive floral motifs, bright colors and the touch of folklore. The company produces Arte wallpaper adorned with pictures of pop art, and borders with large buds. Plenty of options offered by Russian manufacturers (eg, factories Palette).

Natur. Collections of natural materials (sisal, bamboo, straw, minerals, etc.) are quite expensive. Decorating a small room lined cane or jute will cost several thousand dollars. Roll of wallpaper on the basis of paper with a splash of mica Scala (Omexco) costs from 1600 rub. Keep in mind that before you glue these materials, you must carefully prepare the wall. Not recommended for use in new buildings: the shrinkage will inevitably lead to cracks and breaks. Want to avoid problems? Stop the choice for vinyl wallpaper-simulations. Modern technologies make it possible to "mimic" almost any material: Venetian plaster, cane, stone, ceramic tile, wood ... Naturally, the better the simulation, the more expensive.

High technology.
In this age of technical engineers, in collaboration with designers to implement new manufacturing technologies. An example is the invention of industrial designer Jonas Samson, exhibited at Design Scoops, which was held in September 2007 in Amsterdam. Product Samson in "repayment" status is a familiar one-color wallpaper. But it is necessary to turn the switch, the coating begins to glow from within. This technology allows for any visual effects: Select the picture or pattern, to focus attention on a particular area of ??the room.


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