Noisy neighbors help calm red pepper and a district

28.06.2011 08:47
Articles about the construction | Noisy neighbors help calm red pepper and a district Muscovites are struggling with noisy neighbors with red peppers, magic, damage to property and tax, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

In RuNet established community "Club of silence", where participants share their "combat" experience. According to one of the members of the club the nickname of Ariadne, from loud and noisy torgovok companies who like to "suck" beer on a bench directly under your windows, is very good chili. If it liberally sprinkle in the habitats of irritating elements, then shared in the same place very quickly replace the dislocation.

Ivan, "educating" the noisy neighbors above, tried everything from magic (in our neighbors advised to make figures from wax) to a small dirty tricks. "I own and light chop, and set a funeral march, and the police called, and flooded the castle. All means are good. What annoys them more - the fact and deal with" - suggests a lover of silence.

Al_su, when neighbors in a rented apartment became very noisy, wrote a denunciation of the tax on owners of housing: that such a de-rent an apartment, and the money the state does not pay. But the tax proved to be lazy and inattentive - already three months have passed and still no response.

Lawyers interviewed by the publication, predictably, advised fans to respect the criminal code of silence and refuse to fight with the neighbors through the damage of their property - this could be imprisoned for a year or two. According to the lawyers, it is best to seek assistance from official institutions. If a complaint to the tax has not brought the desired result (or law-abiding neighbors in everything except the compliance of silence), you can call the precinct. For the first time a noisy neighbor, just take note of, but after the 20th or 50th call the police for sure fined violators to 500 or a thousand rubles. As prescribed by the capital's administrative code.

You can still apply for the neighbors to court. But before you will build the evidence base, causing a specialized company to measure the noise level. Naturally, the experts will work is not free.

Paradoxically, to legal entities to cope more easily than with ordinary citizens. On the bustling store should complain to the Federal Service, on the scene - in Mosgosctroynadzor. Complaints in these instances are usually very effective.
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