New Year's cleaning house: step by step instructions

31.12.2013 00:00
Articles about the construction | New Year General cleaning of the house before the New Year - it's always something special! The most important holiday waiting for not only children but also adults. Everybody wants to change for the better, and nothing can destroy this great faith in a miracle.
New Year's cleaning should bring not just perfect purity , but also fill the house party atmosphere . Unfortunately, for housewives cleaning before the holidays becomes stress, especially if the house is small children or forever reigns creative mess. Really easy to make the house neat and clean. The main thing - do the right thing and science.

Important preliminary step - cleaning and washing houseplants. Firstly , it is necessary for the growth of the plants . Second, the dust accumulated on the leaves, acts on the respiratory not the best way .

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Dry and wet cleaning on rules involves cleansing of all surfaces from dust so that the dirt is removed forever , and did not move from one surface to another. Start with dry cleaning . Dust should be cleaned with a damp cloth, but if for any undesirable surface contact with water , it should be removed as to wet cleaning .

Wet cleaning of the house is necessary not only to cleanse the area from dirt, but also for air humidification . First in the list should stand wash interior doors, jambs , window sills, radiators and washing curtains.

The next point of the plan is best to put cleaning toilets, bathroom and hallway - you must thoroughly wash the sink , toilet and bath ( or shower ) . Then you need to pay attention to the kitchen: bring order to all the lockers , to wash all kitchen utensils and clean the kitchen. Particular attention should be paid to the refrigerator and stove.

Then you can take a vacuum cleaner and with which to fix carpets , rugs and carpets , as well as all available upholstered furniture . An integral part of the final phase should be damp mopping the floor . For it to be most effective , can be used in the process of cleaning floors specifically designed for this facility.

In the process of cleaning , you can find a lot of gadgets that can come in handy for Christmas tree ornaments. The easiest option - to take sweets and tangerines, attach strings to them - and Christmas decorations ready. You can go the hard way - hang on the Christmas tree souvenirs from travels , in which you went this year , and along with something that symbolizes the countries to which you hope to go in the coming year .

At the end of New Year cleaning I would suggest to fill the space of an apartment or house natural flavors , accentuating offensive holiday. For example, to make a small composition of citrus , cinnamon sticks and twigs of conifers. Then your house will be filled with not only fresh , but also a sense of intimate miracle !
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