New year without a «fire-show»: fire safety regulations

27.12.2012 09:15
Articles about the construction | New year without a «fire-show»: fire safety regulations Decorating an apartment or cottage with bright lights and stocking all sorts of fireworks to delight friends and family with colorful fireworks, remember the rules of fire safety. Safe house and decorating it

Most conventional garlands, which we love to decorate the Christmas tree and your home from the inside, are the electrical appliance repair to be checked back in the store. Also, when you buy, be sure to read the certificate of conformity. Better to give preference to products from large stores, where control of products is more stringent than in numerous markets and bazaars. Such a serious approach to buying garlands necessary because the market too often faced with cheap imitations and simply low-quality goods, the production of which does not meet the minimum specifications. This garland can cause a short circuit, which may have subsequent fire.

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The same advice applies to holiday illumination and external decoration of private homes. However, here we should pay attention to the specifications of the product: do they protect against moisture, is it acceptable to use them in extreme cold. Also, before you install the external illumination, it is necessary to consider where you connect it, and it will stand the wiring of your home increased loads. If in doubt, it is better trust professionals. Benefit on the market today have a considerable number of specialized companies that devote their home decoration for the holiday.

As for the apartment buildings, their external decoration for the new year involved in urban life. Decorate their own five-storey building is prohibited.

Fireworks - a place

In recent years, there was a tradition of our fellow citizens to stock up for New Year holidays of all kinds of fireworks, to arrange a personal fireworks. Fans make this night a deafening salvo was so much that the range of fireworks in stores each year is growing.

In response, in Kiev adopted a measure to limit the use of pyrotechnics. It can be used only in designated areas, but in any case not in the yard. Platform needed to eliminate the use of fireworks near the residential and road infrastructure. Rocket launcher, has flown out the window or on the balcony of residential home can cause a fire.

Sites identified by prefectures, the list can be found at City Hall, prefectures, county newspapers and on management boards. New Year's Eve will be patrolling the area and FEMA police on duty for each area will be assigned to the crew of an ambulance. In addition, areas with urban services will be more convenient to gather all the pyrotechnics and disposed of in the prescribed manner. Those who decide to use fireworks are not permitted in the place, face a fine.

When purchasing fireworks should read the certificate of conformity. Encouraged to acquire domestic fireworks retailer.

On each product must stand Rostest icon, and should be printed detailed instructions for use, and in Russian.

Before using fireworks, read the instructions. Then properly install the product, reinforce, and set fire from a safe distance specified in the instructions. Do not trust the ignition of the children! If you can not avoid injuries, immediately seek medical attention.

And most importantly: Never use fireworks at home. The apartment is not recommended even to light sparklers. Earlier, a small stick sparklers considered harmless toy. But modern lights - up to 30 centimeters in length - have extensive spread of sparks and can ignite.

The environment for this is the most that neither is favorable: light clothing, Christmas tree made of synthetic materials, flammable tinsel and more. Therefore, home is best to limit harmless crackers with confetti.

Warms correctly

In winter, the New Year holiday, many may need to use the household heaters, especially in country houses and with the arrival of cold weather. With the heaters need to be careful.

First, choose the certified devices, in which the heating element is closed. Devices with an open coil over a fire hazard. Especially do not recommend buying them families with children, some toy is sure to be on the heating element, and this could cause a fire.

Better use of oil heaters, convector heaters and type.

Second, to estimate the power devices. Otherwise, it may be that their use will lead to an overload in the power supply. Never connect two electrical appliance in the same outlet, the wiring can not sustain.

And of course, all electric heaters can be used with insulated cord if he wiped out somewhere and poorly insulated, heater operation is not safe.

In a building in order to quickly heat a room, some use professional equipment, such as a heat gun. But first need to make sure you survive the wiring in your home power unit.
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