Near Novosibirsk build an eco-friendly and energy efficient settlement

22.11.2010 09:45
Near Novosibirsk build an eco-friendly and energy efficient settlement Two years later, near Novosibirsk be built environmentally friendly and energy-efficient settlement. Academic scientists have proposed two draft energy-saving housing: energy-efficient block and village eco-housing "Eco House", which will be located near When asked NGS.NOVOSTI that is energy efficient housing, where they will erect the quarter and settlement, as well as what are the specific proposals for teplosberezheniya, said Director of the Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS Sergei Alekseenko.

The town is compact, we have two thermal plants, on which we can also introduce new energy technologies. Second - here we can establish a system of accounting and heat consumption, because it has all the institutions, and many houses are equipped with heat meters. We have the main metering of heat energy, when one takes into account the heat meter heat consumption of an entire group of houses. And so we can adjust the heat consumption by individual buildings and entire blocks of houses. We can fully establish metering of heat, water, and run the system of regulation.

Are there any specific proposals for teplosberezheniya?

By some measures include replacement of windows on the windows, especially with the heat reflecting coating. This introduction of the new insulation made of basalt fibers. Needs a new heating system is closed, it is now open in Akademgorodok, the water passes and thrown away, and she must return. An open system is typical of many small towns, so the transition to a closed system can work out the example of Akademgorodok.
We also offer to put on the turbine and boiler with heat to obtain power.
And the cost of this energy is less than twice than in the power system, because all the infrastructure is already there. One such turbine, the first in Russia, we have already put in boiler Rechkunovke, but not yet started. The new project we can do it and get 6 megawatts of electricity. In this case the boiler does not need to buy additional energy for their own needs in the power system.

When you have developed a system of energy-saving quarters, did you have the experience of other countries?

The most effective saving system - in Canada, Germany and Finland. But we believe that it is necessary to use only local raw materials and local opportunities, only if housing is cheap. We can not 100% use other technologies primarily due to differences in climate.

What house will include a system of energy-efficient district? Will this new purpose-built home?

No Quarter means itself is not home, built anew, and all existing homes Akademgorodok, which will be refitted. Another thing those settlements to be built around Akademgorodok in the system such as "Eco House". This will be a completely new housing, which was originally an eco-friendly and energy-efficient, a new type, with new requirements for insulation.

Residents of the village, entering into a cooperative, will soon sign an agreement that will build a house environmentally friendly, but not what they want.

Come from funds for the eco-houses?

People can take the mortgage loans in the federal pilot project, which allocated 40 billion rubles, and we hope that the interest on the loan will extinguish the regional administration. Also, the administration should be involved in closing the infrastructure: roads, electricity. Then it really will shelter the economy class.

Did not offer you funding settlement for private investors?

With private investors work extends indefinitely, initially need their own initiative. Besides, if they invest, they put their own conditions. Now we shall impose conditions that housing has turned energy efficient. And with private investors, we obtain an ordinary village, which are many.

And who will be engaged in the financing of energy-efficient district?

Vnesheconombank now developed a system of credits for such large projects and, most importantly, has developed a mechanism for repayment. The loan amount can be about 1 billion rubles. His would need to take the management company that will deal with retrofitting homes. Refunds will be at the expense of savings after the conversion. It is too early to say what will be the economy and how to change the rent, so as not yet signed the contract, all details will be announced later.

When an energy-efficient quarter and will begin construction of eco-houses?

Now the proposal to refurbish Academic already are under consideration, so we're just waiting for the decision. With regard to eco-houses, there is a problem with the ground. Tolokonsky was established Housing Agency, which bought at the expense of regional land, 70 acres. Now, to build a village, you need to pass this land cooperative that it has turned out cheaply. In theory, the cooperative must be purely symbolic rent, otherwise the cost of housing will not work. But this requires that the law was passed on the possibility of free transfer of federal land to cooperatives. While this law lies in the Duma, and we are waiting for him to take.

To which, the project "Eco House" will be implemented?

Tolokonsky set the task to hand over all the houses in the village under the key for 2 years, and we supported the proposed deadline. At the moment we are just waiting for the transfer of land cooperative.
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