Market for wooden houses in Ukraine began to gradually recover

28.10.2010 00:00
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Demand for wooden houses in the first quarter increased by 10%. Experts believe that the bottom is behind us, and the second wave of growth will come at the end of the year.

Market for wooden houses in Ukraine began to gradually recover. According to market participants in the first quarter, demand has increased by 10-15% over the same period last year. True, the pre-crisis level is still far. According to the director of "weasel" Andrey Sidorenko, calls from potential buyers is still a lot. "But if the earlier of five calls was one order, now on a signed agreement calls for 50" - he says.

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Portrait of the market
The share of wooden houses in the whole market small - up to 10%. To erect such a house in Ukraine use three basic architectural construction systems: home from a bar (solid, solid shaped, glued profiled), houses made of logs and wood-frame house.

There are also combined construction technology, developed on the basis of these systems. According to observers, in this market segment, 50-60% of Ukrainians prefer to frame houses, 15-25% - logs, 5-10% - laminated veneer lumber and 3-5% - hand-planed.

The most expensive technology - logs, hand-planed, glued laminated wood, and are cheaper frames. Builders use wood as a Ukrainian and a Canadian, Russian and Finnish wood.

Erection of a wooden house area of 150-200 sq.m. takes up to 7-8 months, 3 of which goes to the manufacture of wood and 2-3 - directly to the construction

On the structure of the market is traditionally divided into economy, business and elite class. At the highest price range (7-15 thous. For the quarter. M) working mostly by foreign companies - Green House (of Kontio, Finland), Honka (Finlyadniya), "Lynwood" (Representative ASNM, Canada) Domina Invest (representative Lameco LHT OY, Finland) and other Business (5-8 ths per sq ft) and Economy segments (4.6 ths. per sq ft) in the main divide between the a Ukrainian players: "Eco House", "Lusk", "Themis-bud", etc. Also on the market work just shabashniks teams, but how serious their competitors do not perceive.

On average, the wooden house more expensive than its brick-analogue, but it all depends on the segment.

According to managing partner "Chalet" Cyril Cooper, often home economy segment built as summer residences couples aged 45-50 years. Sometimes it happens progressive young families who are thinking about ecology. Area Economy option rarely exceeds 150 sq.m.

Home-based business-class and middle segment of erecting couples aged 35-40 years who have a child or two. Often such couples someone working in a foreign company middle managers. Typically, a family already has an apartment and the house is considered as an additional housing. Square wooden housing business-class average of 100-250 sq.m.

Luxury wooden houses built for themselves big businessmen, who are already thinking about environmentally friendly housing, and may attach a considerable amount of money.

Lessons from the Crisis
Because of the crisis suffered most shabashniki and elite segment. If people had planned to build a house from the famous northern pines, in difficult times, many have reviewed preferences in favor of less expensive laminated veneer lumber. Those who wanted to build a shelter from the cheapest frame, to postpone plans for the future.

Despite the tradition of building wooden houses is better than in summer and winter. In the cold season, the tree does not dry out and better retains its unique properties

Following 2009, the market for wooden houses was about $ 150 million, up 25-30% lower than in 2008. Previously, the annual increase in the market in monetary terms amounted to 20-25%. As part of a survival strategy, many companies have lowered prices. On average, the market wooden houses domestic players have fallen in price by 10-15%, and foreign - have remained the same. "Despite the fact that the raw materials become more expensive, house prices we have not raised", - said director of the Finnish company Honka in Ukraine Andrey Vetushko. Company focused on the development of additional designs that reduce the cost per square meter.

However, wholesale prices fall the market was unable to raise the demand for proper level, so the players had no choice but to shift to the construction of baths and saunas. Moreover, that Ukrainians often build a small house at first, and then, with the accumulation of funds - big. In a small building, then the same place or a sauna bath.

However, according to experts, the segment of saunas and baths is also narrowed by tightening competition. In addition, the unit cost of a small room above and, considering the estimates, some prefer to collect money for basic construction, not sprayed on trifles.

Market forecasts
Certainly, the market of wooden houses has already passed the bottom and further price declines should be expected. True, it forecast the market in general. Much depends on the modification of wood, design, contractor, construction technology, workload, etc. It is possible that individual cases will still be cheaper to meet.

Given that the lion's share of orders is in January-March, major changes in terms of demand in the autumn should be expected. With the positive economic revitalization trende demand occurs only at the end of this year - early next year. "In the autumn the situation will be better, but still, heavy. Economy, and in particular the construction sector, will recover completely smoothly, with no abrupt jumps should not expect "- summed up by Mr. Chalet.
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