Make out a room in oriental style

12.01.2011 00:05
Articles about the construction | Make out a room in oriental style Room in oriental style now will look very contemporary and modern. Oriental interiors continue to conquer the world, and amaze us with the grace and harmony. Elements of oriental style, one way or another, are present in most contemporary interiors, but the ideal is considered to be fully thought out and concise complete oriental design.

Particulars of the room in the Oriental style:

* When choosing furniture, prefer bamboo, natural wood or white or black colors.
* Add in the interior as much as possible woven - from curtains to coasters under hot in the kitchen.
* As used porcelain ornaments, white and black, as well as items of oriental style, fans, bells - wind figurines.
* In the interior, avoid complex geometric shapes, choose simplicity - rectangle, square.
* The tables in the living room should be low on the floor can put a few cushions, a sofa, choose the most simple and convenient.
* The ideal lamp for a room in oriental style will be a paper lantern.
* Bed bedroom, choose a low and no bedside table next to it should be as simple and concise. On the floor, place mats.
* The interior is good to use natural plant wallpaper and other materials.
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