Living room-business card at home

03.10.2010 11:35
Articles about the construction | Living room-business card at home Living is often called "calling card" at home, it is judged by the taste, lifestyle and plenty of owners. But still, it's not the point.

Much more important is that room - the most versatile room in the house. And therefore it must always be different: an idyllic, intimate and visually stunning reviews, individual and reflect the tastes of all family members, chamber and grand at once.

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Here you can relax and unwind, listen to soft music while enjoying live fire in the fireplace. And you can make a splendid party with dancing to your favorite friends! There great gather the whole family, sharing what happened during the day. If you want to stay together, while taking their business, better living can not find the place: someone can watch TV, some read, and someone just curdle in a chair with a cup of tea. How to combine many functions in the same room? How to make a living embodiment of personality, not like thousands of others, with sofas, armchairs, TVs and fireplaces? It is possible! There are many interior solutions: detail thought out planning, well-matched colors, comfortable furniture and stylish textiles, original details and, of course, different kinds of lighting.

Living room is notable for the fact that it is possible for the special zone experiment: firstly, it is not as conservative as the kitchen or, even more than a bedroom, and secondly, its like no one other room would like to make special - after all this part of home, we present the guests to impress them. We begin, in order: a plan. As a rule, choose the biggest room and bright room in the house. Before living in the noble houses were a few, rather, was a big part of the grand, embracing and living room, family gather in the evening: one reads, the other works on the floor beside the children play? Or is it a guest room: for fans for a long time to sit in good company? Will there be a separate room for home theater, or which he placed in the living room? If you immediately identify the priorities, the designer right accents and, on this basis, can be found in the living room one or even two semantic center. Suppose the main thing - it's watching movies - then, of course, the core of the living room becomes a home theater. When the room is focused primarily on watching movies on a good professional equipment, the most basic point is placing the screen - to try to arrange so as not to interfere with reflections from the window, it determines the placement of furniture, mostly, of course, sofas and armchairs. If the living room - a space for dialogue, it is desirable fireplace, it was he who becomes the center of the room and the furniture is assembled around him, with sofas and chairs unfold to each other, to make communication more enjoyable.

But it may be a living room - a place of rest after work, relaxation, stress reduction? Then it's quiet, bright space, with a musical instrument or the center, filled with good books, and possibly the presence of a small bar. All uses of living in life, usually combined. The spacious rooms can coexist peacefully separate independent areas: a cinema and a corner room with fireplace and bar, can be a reading area or east area with hookah - and each group has its own semantic space furniture.

This kind of planning - a great opportunity for a designer to create a unique solution: either deliberately emphasizing the independent nature of the zones in the living room, either stylistically combining them. In the design of the living room, you can use mobile partitions and screens, podiums, or drops the ceiling to make the functional areas more secluded.

In contemporary interiors can often find solutions to transforming the objects and furnishings, allowing a variety of projects in the same area. Picking up the original and modified mobile furniture, lighting properly organized, the same room can be transformed into a cinema hall, front living room or a place to party. Here's the handy home cinema systems, which are hidden in a niche, removed the ceiling, are masked by special panels or built in cupboards.

Experts advise to use as many pieces of furniture with wheels or rollers. Mobile furniture is convenient because you can change the interior in a matter of minutes, but it's not just coffee tables and cabinets for home theater on wheels, but chairs, sofas and even large racks on rollers.

With their help, it is convenient zonirovat drawing on several independent polukomnat where everyone can do his own job. To requisite infrastructure for a family pastime room was comfortable to use for entertaining, indispensable soft puffs, which do not clutter up the space at the event ready to play the role required of upholstered furniture, and besides, for many years at the height of fashion.

What else arrange the living room?

In this issue is complete freedom of choice. Traditional living room of 80-90 with an indispensable gentlemanly Sets, including a "wall" and a set of upholstered furniture with coffee table and TV is gone. However, and this little ensemble podnadoevshy actually not so bad, you just have to experiment boldly. As a rule, there is room furniture: multifunctional walls of several sections, buffets and sideboards, if the room is a dining area, as well as dressers, cabinets, bookcases.

Because it is here that often expose the family art collection, the things brought from trips, souvenirs, rare heirlooms, come to the aid and all kinds of racks, shelves. If there is a particularly cherished thing - a sculpture or painting, the best in the early stages of planning to determine her place, where it will be readily visible and represented in all its brilliance. The most important thing - do not get carried away the desire to put everything loved gadgets, not to overload the room with small objects and, consequently, case furniture.

Style will light or intense color accents. If you like the bright walls - you can safely put them in the living room, it's the best seat in the house for possible color experiments. But the scale, again, very dependent on the function room. Designers are advised: if the owners like to take guests when choosing colors for the living room is used primarily warm colors such as red, orange, peach, terracotta, they create an elevated mood and increased activity.

If the room is envisaged as a place of rest, relaxation and seclusion, the preference is to give a soothing tones: blue, green, blue. By the way, colors - an indispensable tool if you want the living room divided in two parts: the dining room or fireplace area can be designed in fun, bright colors, and place around the TV, by contrast, emphasized in the cool.

Importantly - to avoid too sharp contrasts, of course, if there are no plans to conduct daily vanguard party. However, in this case too the contrast range of tire quickly and the hosts and guests. Living room, finally, more than any other room in the house, allows you to experiment with styles. Few can withstand the "pure" style in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or nursery.

But in the living room as possible: classic or modern, sweet English style with indispensable paired tubes, cells, and flowers, environmental or rustic, ethnic, or east - all in the living room will be quite appropriate. Good looks and a mix of different styles - especially because spontaneous fusion and eclecticism are still valid, but there are important flavor and sense of proportion. Mix styles are not only fashionable, but also really interesting, because sometimes obtain unexpected results, and certainly it will be something different, like nothing on earth. And finally, of course, the lighting, which is like nothing else affects the mood and even plays a role in the modeling space.

Pendant lighting swing, smart lamps, floor lamps or spot lights can instantly change the mood from the front to a cozy, intimate on a grand. In addition, it is light, can distinguish these or other sitting area, to attract attention to them: whether it be painting over the fireplace, a cozy corner with a chair or wall niche. In the formation of lighting is important to consider all the details: point light sources will help to emphasize the details, floor lamps, floor lamps complement the comfort of upholstered furniture, and in fact sometimes obtain unexpected results, and certainly it will be something different, like nothing on earth. And finally, of course, the lighting, which is like nothing else affects the mood and even plays a role in the modeling space.

The central chandelier or unusual ceiling light will add splendor and solemnity of the room. And do not be afraid to experiment. Living Room is not obliged, as a more private rooms; however, in an effort to please or impress guests, it is worth remembering that, despite the title, living - all the same place, primarily for the owners of the house, that they will live in this room . Pointless to try to please everyone at once, the interior should match individual tastes of the owner and his household. And if by good masters, is cozy and comfortable, so guests will love.
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