Lawn grass, to grow in my wand!

30.10.2011 08:00
Articles about the construction | Lawn grass, to grow in my wand! Initially, the scientific team led by Dr. Joanne Chori, thinking not about the lawns in front of buildings. Department Chori doing research to improve crop yields. But these American biologists, using the latest scientific advances and new biotechnology have created green lawn that needs mowing in.
The authors of the new work thoroughly investigate the entire signal chain of the hormones that control plant growth. These hormones are called brassinosteroids (brassinosteroid). When activated Brassinosteroids - run a series of signals regulating genes - and the plant begins to grow. The destruction of the signal chain will make any kind of dwarf plants (in addition, will make the plant sterile.) Strengthen the same signal chain, should result in a potentially more fruitful species.
Using new scientific techniques, the scientists analyzed the genes responsible for Brassinosteroids. As a result, studies have found a number of ways that you can create a genetically modified plant (including, and the very grass lawn) with exactly the given parameters of growth. Reduced plant around like a normal instance, even the number of leaves - is similar. A small increase is due to the fact that in the plant cells themselves just smaller. That is, invented Chori modification inhibits cell division is not, and the growth of each.
Scientists have noted that such technology can change the size of almost any plant. And this opens up tremendous opportunities to create not only genomodifitsirovannyh lawns, trees and compact for tight urban or ultra-high stalks of wheat, etc.

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Owners of miniature lawns do not need to spend time and energy on a thankless job, in addition, new plants require less water and fertilizer and remain green longer.

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