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11.01.2011 09:25
Articles about the construction | Japanese interior design Between the Russian and Japanese culture has long existed an attraction to each other, of mutual interest. Still far from Soviet-era film "White Night Melody" fascinated viewers concise forms of the rising sun, bordering on austerity. Every detail is endowed with this special designation. Recently, Japanese interior design is booming.

In the hallway and kitchen interior design in the Japanese style wooden floors, and in other rooms on the floor, bed mat. Basic materials for the manufacture of the mat - wood and straw. First manufactured wooden frame, between the boards that pull a reed mat. New tatami mats have a light green color, which eventually fades to a tan. Change the mat again in 3-5 years.

Japanese people are sleeping on the futon - a soft mattress. A place to relax at a Japanese interior design is located in the center of the room. Morning futon folded and put them in special cabinets built into the wall. So uncomplicated way you can save space and one room will serve as bedrooms, dining room and living together.

In cold weather, the Japanese are heated in the kotatsu - low table with a built inside an electric heater. Its lower part is covered quilt, which is placed on the tabletop.

Color spectrum

Japanese interior design imbued with a philosophy based on the unity of man and nature. It is associated with the natural colors of light, muted colors (beige, white, cream, milk).


In order not to overload the space, interior design, Japanese style virtually eliminates the furniture. But he is rich niches, which can put a variety of accessories. Japanese-style room fit low sofas, tables of different heights of dark wood and low benches. Furniture and wall surface should be smooth and nefakturnoy. A typical detail - Japanese sliding walls and bamboo furniture.


A wonderful decoration for the walls serve as bright paper fans, and calligraphic works.

Hieroglyphics on the wall - this one bar, which you can afford, not even making out all the housing in the Japanese style. Complement the interior could be traditional Japanese boxes, vases, ikebana (specially composed songs of flowers and plants) or fresh flowers. Next to them can be located collection of origami - figures composed of colored or white paper.


Use of Japanese interior design wood, bamboo, straw, flax, cotton and silk fabrics. Especially for fans of interior design in Japanese style, there are many decorative bed linen, curtains, bedspreads, decorated with hieroglyphs.

Room lighting

Particular attention should be given-lit room. Excellent highlight Japanese-style rooms light bulbs in simple rectangular or spherical diffuser is made of rice paper and wood. The light from these lamps will help you relax after a hard day's work or create a romantic atmosphere.


If you want to make a trendy bar in the Japanese style rooms, equip aquarium. Legislator Japanese school of design aquarium Takashi Amano uses only natural scenery: driftwood, rocks and live plants. The main thing - do not use vivid details.


Get the proper utensils for the tea ceremony, traditional dishes and fish dishes, boxes, sculptures, decorated with elements, repeating a line of Japanese pagodas.


"Bonsai" - a small pine tree or a flowering plum naveyut thoughts of immortality. They are the indispensable companion of Japanese interior design.

Skomponirovav proposed design elements to your liking, you can create a unique Japanese interior for your home. Experiment and you will succeed!

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