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07.04.2011 07:25
Articles about the construction | Innovation comfort Manufacturers of furniture and household appliances are competing, trying to make their products more convenient. They offer a set of rational design solutions, well, and our business - choose the ones that will make life easier and more pleasant.

The most convenient cabinet

To assess the degree of convenience items experts have come up with even a special discipline - ergonomics. To her we owe the appearance, such wonder-products, such as a computer mouse, remote control, single lever faucet and sliding doors. Not to mention mobile phones and cameras, which can be controlled with just one hand.

Contemporary house literally filled with items with an ergonomic design - such as furniture, making rational use of limited space city apartments. The advantage of these solutions, users have long appreciated. Say, more often instead of the usual bulky wardrobes can be found wardrobes (Mr. Doors, Komandor, etc.), possessing a number of advantages. Another common solution - built-in cabinet with glass doors - is a clear example of extending the functionality of conventional items. In addition, it allows you to visually enlarge the space of the room. Yet the main advantage of the built-cabinet - the most efficient use of floor space. It can be only one in the apartment, replacing the various wardrobes, shelves, drawers, attics, etc. Its design provides for a variety of folding and sliding drawers, shelves and racks. Thus, things can be compactly arranged in the same place that allows you to raise the organization of domestic life to a whole new level.

Another quite demanded creation, which embodies the principles of ergonomics - mobile partitions. This is a separate module or group that serves to separate rooms without their redevelopment. Partitions can be attached to both walls and the furniture, which makes the possibility of their use are endless. There are models, not involving attachment. They are very practical, since removed them just as easily as you set, and if necessary can be quickly rearranged to a different location.

Pearl items

Sometimes only one ergonomic object capable of transforming everyday life. It does not require significant time, money and energy on renovations. An example is the new shower head Rainshower Icon from the company GROHE, a leading global manufacturer of sanitary wares. Shower head is quite unusual - it resembles a donut with a hole in the middle, which reduces its visual volume, and along the water flow. Original decision is a key Eco, located on the handle of the soul and allows you to easily adjust the pressure. The requirements take into account ergonomics specialists and the design of kitchen mixers. For example, all new model series Europlus, tailored to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the human hand, have a handy spout and lever oval, situated at an angle of seven degrees.

Today, ergonomics plays a crucial role in the creation of any fittings, including baths themselves. They must hold the required volume of water and still be comfortable, which should be considered when calculating the size of the containers. interesting solution proposed company Albatros, combining a bath with shower. As shown, the ergonomically designed and can be the most ordinary things. In this regard, it is necessary to mention flush panels GROHE Nova Light with lighting, which can be customized to any color to match the color gamut of the room. In addition, the built-in timer allows you to change the nature of illumination depending on time of day. For example, it can automatically turn on in the morning and evening hours.

In between times ...

Modern man does not have the extra time to study the technical documentation. Realizing this, appliance manufacturers are trying to do the job with her intuitive. One simple example - replacing multiple switches on the washing machines, universal programmer, handles that allow you choose the type of load size, instead of water temperature, length of wash cycle, spin speed, etc.

Dictate their own rules and dimensions of the bathrooms. So widespread in recent years have Supernarrow, but capacious washing machines, including top-loading. In addition, the function of "delayed start" allows you to start washing at nightfall, when the electricity tariff is much lower. Everyone knows, how much trouble to wash wool, so the company's specialists have developed a model Ariston Big Size EXT 1400 (EX), which has a separate function for gentle washing of such things. Another case in point - the modern teardrop-shaped vacuum cleaner that you can effortlessly move for a while moving around the room.

Particular attention is paid today ergonomics of kitchen equipment. For example, the cooking time is running out, and hence this process should be as optimized. The creators of the device Whirlpool Jet Chef put together in a single product features a microwave, oven and steamer: it can be oven dish with a crispy crust and cook vegetables and fish for a couple. Producers are also paying close attention to the form of articles. Arm teapots, handles on the oven door, microwave ovens and refrigerators, shape and arrangement of controls - all of this is calculated and worked out carefully. But we can make use of modern household appliances with ease, and often combine household chores with other cases.

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