In what style to build a cottage?

06.12.2010 09:45
Articles about the construction | In what style to build a cottage? Residential Real Estate in Ukraine and abroad, in most cases is a blend of all styles and elements. For many years the main focus of this segment of the real estate is eclectic. It allows you to apply in the same building elements of different styles, highlighting it from a number of model projects. But it is very important to keep the measure because in the pursuit of beautiful and fashionable details of the owners of cottages often violate the harmony and ultimately demonstrate the lack of aesthetic taste. Therefore, experts advise to use architecture-based cottage one dominant style.

If we talk about general trends in the suburban building, there is dominated by the desire to escape from the dull pomposity of Soviet institutional cottages and formless architecture 1990-ies. In the fashion of originality and harmony of the external appearance the house and its inner content. Now prefer to design houses with large windows in the living room, use the panoramic windows, which allows to admire the garden and surrounding landscape, even in winter. Of course, this approach is more appropriate where sites are large enough and the windows offer a picturesque landscape, not a road or an adjacent building. Another modern trend is the brevity of its fa?ades. While minimalism is gradually going out of fashion, his influence in the country building is still there.

The main styles used in modern construction of cottages, is a classic, the castle, modern and modernized chalet.

The architecture of country houses built in classical style, there are simple in form and design, dominated by straight lines. The main distinguishing feature - a lack of spare parts and pretentiousness. The main elements of decoration are the colonies and semi, and their imitation - pilasters. Corners of the building are decorated rustication - embossed clutch, which enlivens the surface of the walls and gives the building a sense of power and solidity. The use of modern materials combined with external simplicity and restraint in the fa?ade highlight the dignity and respectability of the owner. In the classical style manor was built, most noble families of imperial Russia, which focused on European canons of architecture. Thus, the choice in favor of the house in classical style will put the owner in this series devotees of good taste and architectural traditions.

Another popular style today is a suburban real estate chalet, leading back to a village house in the Alps. This is a building with a sloping roof, which dominates the entire house. The first floor of this building is laid out in stone, the second - from the tree. However, in the modern chalet more cottages built entirely of timber. This area of architecture is also characterized by excesses, all parts have their own functionality. And no wonder, since the style was formed in the mountains, where a harsh climate and the need to care about the farm owners were forced to ignore for the sake of decorative practicality. But do not think that home-style chalets have no concept of comfort. In contrast, modern homes in this style features a cozy atmosphere, great room kitchen and dining room, be sure to have a large fireplace. The interior is mainly used natural materials - wood, stone, leather, natural fabrics. All of this creates a warm atmosphere of a family home. This home will suit those who seek to escape from the stone jungle of big cities and enjoy the pristine purity of a simple life. In the cozy atmosphere of home-style chalets, you can really feel the peace and a sense of security that are so essential to modern urban dwellers.

Another of the trends in the country building a castle style. It originates in the romantic era of chivalry and the Crusades. Building on your lot home with elements of Romanesque and Gothic styles, the owners often realize their childhood dream of his own castle. New round of "castle" building started in the 90 years of the last century, and was associated with both an attempt to maximize distance themselves from Soviet architecture, and the tendency of psychological defense against troubled times. Now fashion turned away from this style, which, however, does not interfere with the owners to build on their plots are small palaces. However, now that's aesthetically aged structures that combine the benefits of modern architectural thought and traditions of the castle building. Decor Elements have become more balanced and functional. A big plus cottage-lock in his personality, as model projects such homes almost none. Inside the castle styles vary its subspecies: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance styles, which are the stages of development of this field of architecture and change each other during the Middle Ages. If you decide to build a castle, it's best to stick to one of these canons.

Romanesque style involves massive shape, thick walls, rounded arches and arches. He has the austerity of decoration and the general monumentality.

In the Gothic style dominated the lighter forms, sharp steeples and towers, arched windows - all seeking upwards. On the facades of these houses look great stained glass and decorative wrought iron.

Baroque implies pretentiousness forms, the abundance of gold and major ornamental elements. So the style is to adopt only if you're going to build a truly massive building, or finishing details will give your home a sense not so much luxury and splendor, as grotesque.

Cottages in the Renaissance style is distinguished by simple rectangular shape, rounded corners, massive moldings, rational use of interior space. The main feature of these houses - the presence of a courtyard with open arcades - palazzo. In the center it is usually near a small fountain and flower garden. It is ideal for family evenings outdoors. House in the Renaissance style will suit people seeking to subordinate the daily canons of beauty and grace.

It is necessary to talk about another popular trend in suburban architecture - modern dance. The style was formed early last century, namely the direction characteristic of private homes. To this day, this style is most common in the suburban real estate sites. Philosophy of Art Nouveau is the priority of the internal space of the house on the outside. Therefore, the houses in this style is characterized by the asymmetry of volume and dynamics of composite solutions. In front of the building there are contrasts in color and texture, simultaneous use of different types of wood and stone. The decoration is actively used by forging, which is dominated by floral designs. Country house in Art Nouveau style - is usually harmonious ensemble consisting of a set of decorative elements, with soft, flowing shapes with swirls and spirals. Finishing the interior should be in harmony with the appearance of the building and use the same character decoration. Nouveau - a style that is based on the desire for individuality. Therefore, it is chosen for his cottage by those who seek to express their originality and unconventional look at the world.

Think about the future of a country house style follows before buying the site, because of its shape and size depends on how the building will look in the surrounding area. If the area is already selected, you need to soberly assess its strengths and weaknesses. At this stage it's time to turn to the specialists. Before you start building a house, professional architect will try to examine the degree of illumination features of the landscape areas and suggest suitable options for the project. On the vast territory would be appropriate to look massive building in the castle style or chalet, and if the land is not much the perfect choice to be home in the style of Art Nouveau. Classics will also be appropriate always and everywhere. The choice is only for you!
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