In America, created a project at home with natural air conditioning system

10.01.2011 11:12
In America, created a project at home with natural air conditioning system House with natural air conditioning system with water suitable for life in hot and dry climates. However, the possibility of mass implementation of this project, as well as its economy, while not obvious.

The project is the so-called "hydro-houses" coined by members of the American architectural studio Rael San Fratello Architects. It represents a one-story structure in the shape of «V», in the courtyard which is the same v-shaped pond. Another man-made pond where rainwater collects, located on the roof. Thanks to the circulation of air and water, these two reservoirs is sufficient to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house.
Cooling is due to infiltration of water from the upper reservoir into the porous water-retaining walls, which are blown by hot winds of the desert. "Saturated" with water cooled walls of the air in the interior of the house. At the same time, evaporation pond bottom allows the cool air inside the courtyard. Climbing up the hot air in the meantime "goes" through special hatches in the lee side of the building, reported the portal Inhabitat.
A special coating of white color on the walls reduces heat absorption. Top boxes are installed on the walls for the plants, which create additional shade for the roof. Doors and windows are located so as to make the pass-through ventilation as effective as possible.
It is known that the desert is very large difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. As the afternoon the water in the walls helps to reduce the temperature in the house, so at night, the heated water for the day of the upper reservoir penetrates the walls and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.
In one wing of the v-shaped house is a living room and dining room, in another - a bedroom and bathroom. From each room is provided out into the yard through the tinted glass doors.
The expediency of such a building is not entirely clear, despite the efficient air-conditioning system. Because it is difficult to estimate how large consumption of scarce water for the desert.
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