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22.05.2011 03:02
Articles about the construction | If the house, then with the mind The introduction of "smart house" will not only make life more comfortable, but also save money its owners.

Hand on the remote

The system of "smart home" (DM) - a set of technical solutions aimed at creating a comfortable and safe living environment. It is ideal for cottages, apartments, offices, yachts and even cars - the premises in which the first place - comfort. System, "UD" be inserted before you turn off the lights and after you leave the premises, will establish and maintain a comfortable temperature, open the curtains to let you know about the occurrence of a new day and close them at night, will be guarding the house against intruders, and property - from the fire element. System "AP" will override the water in case of leakage, will create the right mood and comfort, will become the center of entertainment, open and close the gate in front of you, that you did not come out of the car. And most importantly - you can control your home from anywhere in the world on the phone, watching over the Internet or mobile phone, what is happening in your house, what does your child and how to perform his duties the nurse. And this is only part of the possibilities! System capacity to expand is unlimited, one can choose the feature set, which suits him. Installation of "AP" will provide you easy and convenient control of all functions, provides a well-coordinated interaction of different devices.

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The basis of "intelligent solutions" of the "smart home" put the block-modular principle of hardware and software. He performs the functions of continuous monitoring, analysis, indicators of habitat and adaptive control systems reaction to their changes in a predetermined scenarios. To this end the control and management by:


energy conservation;


water supply;

gas supply;

heating and cooling;

ventilation and air conditioning;

filtration, purification, humidification and air ionization;

cooling chamber and wine cellars;

freight and passenger elevators;

blinds, shutters and blinds role-playing;

systems, cable, terrestrial and satellite broadcasting;

telephone systems, computer networks and the Internet;

remote access system;

multiroom audio and video complexes;

sewerage, sewage and drainage;

snowmelt and the prevention of ice formation;

security and fire safety;

protection against electric shock, lightning, static electricity;

control systems and video surveillance;

Access and registration;

doors and gates;

adjacent areas;

ponds, pools, fountains and aquariums;

winter gardens and greenhouses;

local objects - garage, storage room, sauna;

system of meteorological stations and background radiation.

The most-most

Modern control technology "smart home" is based on the basic principles of industry IT (Information Technology) and international standards for building automation systems, allowing to unite life-support systems, security, electricity, performed on the equipment of different manufacturers. In comments to the portal BudFond experts the most advanced to date, called the system of standard LonWorks Corporation Echelon Corporation (California). It is on this basis more than 4,000 companies around the world produce the control and peripheral equipment for control systems for buildings and structures. Among them - Siemens, SCADA, SVEA, Legrand, Echelon Corporation, Johnson Controls, Intel, SVEA, Gira. Gesytec, Loytec, Lexel, Merten, Moeller, Vimar, Warema, TAC, Berker, ABB, GIRA, Thermocon, Regin, X10, Leviton, Stanley, IBM, JDS, ACT, Homepro and many others.
In addition, there are more than 5,000 companies manufacturers of security systems, audio-video equipment and sound systems, home theaters, cable and satellite television, computer equipment, communications, lighting, energy, water, hydro-meteorological systems and many other things, that ultimately allows you to create comfortable and safe conditions specific habitat. On the most popular products Philis, SONY, Acoustic Energy, Infinity, ELAC, JBL, JAMO, DALI, YAMAHA, B & W, Paradigm, Harman Kardon, Beckhoff, IBM and other manufacturers.

Alexander Matorin, BudFond

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