I want a wooden house

03.10.2010 15:51
Articles about the construction | I want a wooden house Than the more modern it becomes our life, the more it is filled with heavy-duty vehicles, synthetic materials and modified products, the more a man wants to walk barefoot on the grass, wear something made of natural cotton, drink fresh milk - in fact, return to the pristine nature and feel its particles. And a country house: we are building it for ourselves, to break the stone jungle and away from the artificial, technological. Therefore, build a house should be such that it was a natural, soothing and organic and nature - otherwise what's the point: to get another concrete-brick box, only bigger and up to 30 miles farther? Decide for yourself ...

Why wooden house is better?
* Weight of wooden construction is much less than the brick structure. Therefore, preparation of foundation for your home will save considerable funds.

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* Relative humidity inside the wooden house meets the comfort for the human body within 45-57%. This eliminates the need for additional air conditioning and humidification of indoor air.
* Good news for people prone to allergies: wood absorbs the toxic substances in the air (smoke nicotine, formaldehyde). Coniferous resin allocated timber, are an excellent antiseptic, so infectious viral disease tenants wooden houses are not scary. By the same tree - an excellent anti-static, which prevents turbulence of dust in the room. Your children can climb into the most secluded and inaccessible corners of your home - where the dust is not found.
* A tree is always alive. The structure is wood, which allows a constant exchange of air. As a consequence - the lack of condensation on the walls, which prevents the formation of mold and spores. Brickwork it can not boast.
* Thermal insulation properties of wood is much higher these properties brick. Round logs 20 cm in diameter to retain heat is no worse than a brick wall meter thick.
* Medical studies have shown that finding in a wooden house improves the immune system, stabilizes blood pressure and overall health. Increased appetite and stress.

Frequently asked question: how fire-safe wooden house? Statistics show that deaths in fires due to the fact that people are choking on the combustion products of artificial decorating materials - plastics, carpeting, vinyl. With factory making wood through the stage of processing retardants - special impregnations, which greatly reduce the ability of wood to the fire. Char logs as well as brick. If we take the total number of fire fatalities, the percentage of houses made of brick and wood about the same. These studies were conducted in Sweden by independent analysts.

What they are, the wooden house?
Whenever talking about a wooden house, in memory images float above all the house of round logs. Moschnye construction of the logs supporting the roof open terraces and balconies - all this is a characteristic only for this type of house style of architecture. Style, which is equally good for small country houses and cottages for a solid - from classic wooden house to the cottage-style high-tech. With proper handling wooden house looks extremely extremely effectively. It is difficult to think of anything more perfect in the aesthetic sense, than the treated natural surface of real wood. Its unique design and golden amber color, as if pouring from the inside, create a comfortable psychological mood, inspire calm and optimism, which is so lacking residents of large cities. Wooden walls are chopped, made of logs, whole or glued profiled beam and frame structure. The thickness of the walls must match the climatic zone. Log diameter in the range 20-22 cm for Ukraine is sufficient. Glued profiled beam is considered one of the most sought after materials for building houses, and the demand is steadily increasing. Despite the fact that the cost of laminated veneer lumber is higher in comparison with the rounded, he already had many admirers. From such a timber is particularly well looked building a large area. An important advantage of this material is its small shrinkage and high speed assembly. Dried laminated board has enhanced strength and practically does not deform when the humidity - it shrink to five times less than the wood natural moisture: 1 cm to 5 cm in one meter of the material, respectively. Assembled structures are deposited is minimal, which allows faster start decorating after assembling boxes at home or provide for smaller gaps. In addition, due to low humidity and lack of cracks, this material has improved thermal insulation properties. Laminated veneer lumber attached to a complex profile, which provides a dense adjacency horizontal joints, which does not require sealing.

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