How to start a house?

09.09.2010 09:18
How to start a house? Everyone goes for a long time for this decision, someone is tired of Myka on a rented apartment and someone wanted to finally break away from their parents, and anyone tired of the city noise and environmental problems of large cities. Nth accumulating the bag of money and bought land, we have decided to laying the first stone.

But before you take the first step you need to know what will be erected on our site. This requires the design documentation, if there is an architectural education, this is no big deal. Well, what if not? Then begin to shovel a lot of magazines, catalogs, spent hours at the computer, searching the internet only something that will prefer the whole family. And finally, here it is a house of our dreams! Buy documentation and start building. This version of the draft pick, goes to the adage "cheap and cheerful, like buying the finished construction documents be cheaper than an individual project.
To begin a custom design, if not a single project for you, and you want to create an original is not dissimilar to any other cottage. In which will be conveniently located anywhere, it will be all that you think should be in the house and the highest score to your creation must be embedded in the phrase "Yes we will live here happily."
When ordering individual architect, you only get the project documents at home, and everything else are designing themselves. This method of construction and the simultaneous cost savings benefit in the event that, again, you have the education of the builder. Well, when the necessary skills and knowledge not available, the most acceptable option, order a draft of the architectural company. In this case, you get: a unique design with the geological site investigation, development of the concept of the building, project engineering services, constant supervision during construction.
A tentative list of documentation that should be part of an architectural project:
- Settlement and explanatory notes;
- Plan of the foundation;
- Floor plans;
- Floor plans;
- Plan of the roof;
- Plan truss system;
- Cuts (at least two - the longitudinal and transverse);
- Structural units;
- Fronts in the axes;
- A proposal color of the facade;
- Common to the form (at least four angles).

In addition to these documents in the folder are added to design drawings needed for construction.
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