How to select, order and agree on a draft of a private house

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Articles about the construction | How to select, order and agree on a draft of a private house When a person decides to build a cottage or a house, it appears a great many questions. In fact, it should be a developer's own home. And one of the most, perhaps, the major issues is the design of future home: how exactly it should be, what is the optimum number of rooms for each floor where are bathrooms as is necessary doors, windows and any size. Required to consider thousands of different parts, which is logical and easier to do in the company of professionals.

C start
Frivolous at first glance, the phrase from the song "Let's draw - we shall live" is in fact well illustrates the situation with the design of individual houses. Every project begins with the drawing - the facade and planning. On the Internet, a lot of shops that specialize in selling model of houses. The average price of the finished project will vary in the range of 30-35 thousand rubles - for the money the buyer receives a package of documents (drawings of the facade, interior layouts, as well as a description of construction materials).

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These documents are available electronically or in hard copy. Typically, the package does not include electrical design, water supply, sewerage, heating, television and Internet networks. This will have to deal separately and the cost will depend on the complexity of the project, the customer's wishes, as well as the number of outlets, their locations and power panel. Separate and costly issue - the project of gas supply - it can cost from 10 to 15 thousand dollars, and they should do spetsproektirovschiki on gas supply.

Model, an individual or your own

What advantages buying a typical project? It is relatively cheap, and besides, the selection of such projects is great. What disadvantages? You can not lay claim to the quality of design, and if you decide to finalize the project - to move walls, add a bathroom or a "bump" ceilings - at a cost it can result in almost the same amount as the development of the individual project.

If none of the standard project did not come to you like, or have a desire to create an unusual house, need to order an individual project. In Moscow, quite architectural firms providing similar services, in addition, are engaged in designing and private architects. Recommendations for choosing the Bureau will be quite simple - ask the owners of homes that you are cute, who designed them. Many architects have sites on the Internet where you can explore their creativity on photos of finished objects.

Of course, individual projects will be more expensive. At approximately $ 200 thousand rubles, will cost the project itself at home. Several offices will immediately draft communications, say, electrical project will cost 50,000 rubles, water - the same amount. But this bargain, and if you ordered a comprehensive project, the total cost could reach about 300 thousand rubles for all. Prices, of course, very rough - some eminent architectural firms take a significantly larger amount, and architecture students do a project for less money. Question on what to save and on what - no one decides for himself alone.

The most optimal and cost-and time-variant - buy a model project and bind the future home to the site with the help of an architect. But only if you're really not going to "optimize" the project itself - then it is better to go directly to the individual design. If the owner chooses a house-builder from any manufacturer, the design will be included in a purchase - sometimes it is paid for separately, and sometimes the manufacturer provides design documentation for free. The house on the site and linking to the communications, as a rule, is also included in the cost of individual design.

Even if you decide to build a house on his own project, you still have to contact the professionals, because the project takes into account many technical nuances - the thickness of walls, lighting, sewerage and so on. To reduce the cost of the design process, refer to the architecture students who know design programs, but they need to know and the basics of the profession.

You can also contact the designer - he draws you only a sketch and a plan, without a description of construction details and structural elements. According to this sketch, too, can be built - but only suburban house. However, in this embodiment, it is desirable that it has built an experienced superintendent who understands how to implement one time or another. And if the house collapses, found responsible would be extremely difficult - the law does not bear the designer of the same liability as the architect responsible for the project complies with safety standards, SNIP and the like.

Document Management
What do I need an architect from the client to get started? First, the site plan, geodetic and geological research, a description of the surrounding landscape (forest, river, roads - all can affect the location of the house, its architecture). This stage can either instruct an architect, and hire a specialized company, which will study. Also need to provide proof about the limitations that are imposed either by law (not, for example, build a water protection zone) or management company - it may be requirements for elevation or decoration of the facade.

Usually developers of settlements without a contract providing project documentation to the settlement, which may be required to architects, and some technical conditions. Some of the Criminal Code provide entry points for electricity, not shifting the care of the connection on the shoulders of the owner. Well, if it is possible to architect entry point for all communications, but more often they are not known, and the owners of the site design and connect them yourself. Gas supply is also connected separately - specialized organizations.

As for the house itself, there is a good architect in the early work asks the customer to fill in a questionnaire, which will take into account the basic requirements for the project. Such moments for both sides a better fix on the paper. Perhaps some demands architect immediately proposed to change, arguing their point of view. For example, a bedroom for the elderly designed to advise on the first floor, but not the second.

Upon completion of work architectural firm will deliver the project documentation in the form of so-called architectural and design decisions (AR and CR). If you have booked an engineer, the project documentation should be even and the engineering section.

Design time
On a typical project time, of course, need a bit: he was ready - have bought and enjoyed. In the case of an individual design is good to have in reserve for about three months. In some cases an individual project could be ready earlier. But in practice it often happens that a customer at the beginning of one indicates the requirements for the project, and seeing the decision, may request to change, because in the process of describing their demands have missed some details. If it is a significant revision, the architect may request an additional payment (usually at the beginning of the contract is signed, which stipulated what improvements will be paid separately).

Errors customers
The main mistake the customer - the dismissive attitude to the documentation. Determine more details. Good technical reference for architects, thoughtful completion of the questionnaire seriously speed up and reduce design time.

Sometimes a situation - at work, for example, with the family - husband puts technical project architect, and his wife the next time you visit dissatisfied. The right thing will be to discuss all requirements and wishes for the future home of all family members before the treatment to the professionals. One of the biggest problems in this area - poor awareness of their needs.

Important point - the coordination of the project
What permits and approvals needed to build a house? For the construction of holiday home building permits are not required at all. The construction of individual houses on the so-called plot IZHS (under individually-residential construction) requires a building permit from the local administration - from the head of the local municipality or the chief architect of the service area. Then the future homeowners will have in addition to the project provide a number of documents.

Cost of services for obtaining approvals and permits for the construction of individual houses can be 50 -100 000 rubles.

Argue whether the architects of projects in the local administrations? Very rare. Typically, architectural firms can take on this part of the work, if they are located in the area or if the architect has a good relationship with the local administration - then this problem is solved and paid for individually, but it is more the exception than the rule.

Moscow architects often do not take on the coordination of projects in the Moscow region. It's not their area of responsibility, and here it is better to contact your local architectural firms.

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