How to save money on buying furniture?

03.10.2010 20:00
Articles about the construction | How to save money on buying furniture? Furniture is expensive - so everyone thinks, whose wealth is called "average." But if we approach the selection of furniture with your mind, and you can save money, and even find the original and stylish solutions for your interior. So, what furnishings you can cheat?

In our view it is customary for at least a plywood box with massive doors, and sometimes a mirror to boot. The denser the material the box, the more it costs - from 5 to 10 thousand rubles for a mid-sized cabinet. But have you ever wondered why the cabinet walls are strong? If your clothes are not able to run, it's probably not necessary. So, to save both money and power for transportation, pay attention to the cabinets ... curtains.

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In fact, this cabinet is a thin metal frame, inside which you can place light shelves, hangers, or even cardboard boxes - it looks very original and, most importantly, are streamlined. Walls he does not, and in their place flaunt colorful curtains. It is worth the pleasure, along with a set of boxes and shelves around 3-4 thousand.


? If you think a permutation, this rack to move a lot easier than usual wardrobe.

? Tired of the old interior? Next for the new boxes or curtains - and believing that they had bought a new wardrobe (only once in 8 cheaper).

? boxes - not the most convenient way to store clothing. Suitable only for clothes or small items that you normally keep in the drawers.

? If you have pets, especially cats, their restlessness can be costly for your clothes. If Kitty come up with the idea to sharpen claws on your trousers, curtains, they just will not save.

The most expensive and, nevertheless, the most popular furniture stores in our version - racks of small depth (one book) with glass doors. One such rack (width approx. 50 cm) will cost you 5-7 thousand rubles. If you have a large home library is less than 25,000 you will not put.

Reduce the cost of such a purchase can be in many ways. First, deeper shelves will cost a little bit cheaper. Second, consider whether you need glass doors. Cabinet without doors will cost you half or even two times cheaper. Buying cabinet wider (say, not in 50, and 100 cm), you will save more than purchasing two separate modules.

? addition to the obvious gains in price, almost none.

? In a cabinet without the doors of the book will quickly gather dust. Need to conduct general cleaning much more often.

? Individual shelves more mobile than the joint. If you have a small apartment, they may help you save some space.

? In-depth book rack stand in two rows, and hence to find something to be twice as difficult.

Upholstered furniture
Choosing a sofa or chairs, many of us are accustomed to rely on color, and maybe more, and size. But, in fact, almost all the furniture stores that exhibited in the hall - it's just a sample design. Everything Else - upholstery and a filler - you can choose for yourself, and depending on the quality of these materials may increase the cost of the sofa, or falling to 2-5 thousand rubles.

The most common material upholstery - flock. Its price depends on the producer country and category. Chinese flock - the cheapest among the categories of most "budget" - the first one. Inside sofas and chairs are usually put foam or polyurethane foam. The thinner the layer and its lower density - the cheaper. The optimum thickness is about 10 cm on a horizontal surface. All that is thicker - is a luxury.

? rummaged in tissue samples, you can choose the best for his flat color and texture of the upholstery, and will not depend on the whims of sellers.

? cheapest materials, usually a very short-lived. So expect to have no minimum price, but average or below average. Or be prepared to ensure that your sofa prosyadet and protretsya already after 4 years.
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