How to safely celebrate the New Year at home?

23.12.2015 00:15
Articles about the construction | How to safely celebrate the New Year at home? New Year's Eve Ukrainians will be met by the majority of the house. And we must remember that even the most modest home holidays sometimes turn nasty surprises. How to secure housing and celebrate the New Year without incident? It is necessary to observe a few simple rules. The biggest danger in the New Year's Eve and the next holiday vacation - it fires. New Year - a holiday bright and sparkling, indispensable attributes - iridescent lights Christmas tree, hung with garlands apartment, burning candles and a parade pyrotechnics. But all this beauty is often fraught with many potential hazards. Despite regular warnings, people used to celebrate in a big way, often forgotten about even the most elementary precautions.

Christmas tree - whether live or resinous beautiful artificial tree made of plastic - flammable object. Small enough sparks from a Bengal fire or shutting Electrogarlands - and the main attribute of the holiday turns into a flaming torch. This tree burning plastic releases harmful and even toxic substances.

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To avoid such situations, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules. Firstly, the need to secure the tree to frolicking kids or tipsy guests are not overturned her one awkward movement. Secondly, it is impossible to set a tree next to a radiator or in the aisle (in the event of a fire burning decoration was not an insurmountable obstacle). If you decide to buy an artificial tree - make sure it is handled fire impregnation (this information should be contained in the certificate). Decorate the Christmas tree is best traditional glass toys, not flammable plastic and paper, and even more so - not obkladyvat its wool and do not install it on a candle.


Another source of danger can become a Christmas tree garland. Some thrifty citizens still every year taken out of dusty boxes of lovely heart light bulb with wires Soviet era. And the most economical - bought for a penny a garland or artisanal underground in China. From these artifacts, of course, it is better to give up if you do not want to watch the sparks from a short circuit. It is better to give preference to the more expensive, but reliable and high-quality electro-decorations, having a certificate. But before you hang the garland, it is necessary to ensure that they are fully operational - of the wire is not damaged, and never heated.

Firecrackers and sparklers

Beautiful, but unsafe tradition - a chiming clock to light sparklers and firecrackers exploding. But even these seemingly modest pyrotechnic toys is better to use in the open air, outside the apartment. Sparks from sparklers can easily ignite flammable items.

And, of course, is not recommended to have fun indoors with more serious pyrotechnics. Any fireworks, firecrackers and fireworks can only be run on the street, and at least 50 meters from homes. There are many cases, when running in the yard firecrackers flew to balconies and even in the apartment - breaking windowpanes.


Another common cause of fires New Year - a short circuit wiring. On holidays the load on the power supply is increased many times, in many apartments stereos, televisions, mood lighting and appliances are working almost around the clock. Old wiring is often simply can not withstand this enhanced service. Tip one: Do not overload an electrical outlet, do not include all electrical appliances at the same time.

If a short circuit does occur, it is necessary to immediately disconnect the apartment and call the emergency crews. Holidays for utility services - not a reason to relax and while working in emergency mode. If a power outage, burst pipe or a clogged sewer - call to emergency dispatchers his district. They work around the clock and even on New Year's night emergency team is obliged to come to you immediately.

If suddenly in no hurry to interrupt the communal festive meal for the performance of their duties - will call the hotline zhilinspektsii.
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