How to reduce the cost of heating a country house

15.01.2011 16:45
Articles about the construction | How to reduce the cost of heating a country house Heating country house or villa for many becomes a real problem, because in the remote villages often do not have gas, and power outages during the cold season brought a lot of hassle and make the cold for several days. You can certainly use the time-tested method of heating a simple oven, but low efficiency and the need to lay a wood often create additional problems.

Buleryan lowers the cost of heating a country house

One of the alternatives to address the issue of heating a country house is a furnace type buleryan. This furnace was designed and tested in Canada. It is easy to elementary and simultaneously unique technical invention, because the price of heating a country house is substantially reduced. Still at the design stage furnace is designed as air heater. The novelty of this type of furnace is that the welded into the furnace numerous pipes for forced convection, which ensures rapid heating of air in the uniformity of distribution throughout the volume of the room.

The principal basis of the furnace became known physical principle: the air when heated is always rises. Tube furnaces are designed so that cold air from the floor is sucked inside the tube, which passes through the oven, and warm air from the top of the pipe goes into the room. Each vozduhoprovodyaschaya tube touches the furnace, resulting in the air at the outlet of the pipe has a temperature of 60-150 degrees Celsius. Manufacturers produce stoves with features that most small stove provides heating of about 4,5 cubic meters of air per minute.

Best price of heating a country house for a solid fuel

Vendors furnaces of this type of report about the possible two modes of operation: the so-called "gasification" and "fast heating". Problem with these regimes, of course, different. Mode "gasification" maintains a comfortable temperature air for a long time, and the "fast heating", as its name implies, allows you to quickly achieve the increase in temperature in the room. Furnace manufacturers assure us that if the proper selection of the oven you can heat the house to a comfortable temperature for 20 minutes. Ovens buleryan lay not chop wood, and put the dampers in the appropriate position, provide long heating homes. Oven buleryan as conventional oven, can operate on wood or other kinds of solid fuel. The furnace is equipped with power adjustment and control-gasifier, providing the opportunity to accurately set the temperature of the exhaust air.

Total oven buleryan can greatly facilitate the process of heating a country house, but it is worth remembering that the price of heating a country house with solid fuel is more expensive than electricity and, especially, gas.
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