How to protect your apartment from theft and fire for the holidays?

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How to protect your apartment from theft and fire for the holidays? Has long been noted that the largest number of fires and burglaries occur is during the Christmas holidays. We decided to find out what the observance of basic safety rules will keep your home and belongings safe and sound. In the New Year holidays , many people leave home to visit relatives or go on a journey . Well, if the alarm is set in the apartment , and for the safety of the property can not be nervous, but what if no alarm ? For this case, there are several safety rules.

Experts advise less tell others about his departure . And certainly not necessary to arrange in front porch "show " out from loading , skis, sleds and bags.

The fact is that before the robbery apartments criminals tend to watch her and her tenants some time , gather information , and therefore once again to "shine" not worth it, he explains.

Calculate that for a flat monitor , can the wreckage of matches or on a string in the door slot.

illusion of presence

The easiest way to create the illusion of presence - to negotiate with the neighbors (if you know them well ) , friends or relatives that they periodically went into the apartment, turn on the light , music, and released mailbox.

Be sure to close the curtains , otherwise your trick will be revealed , because usually real owners know in person . On the whole, a good thing when it is not visible from the street environment of the apartment.

But if the neighbors do not inspire confidence , and relatives live far away , you can take advantage of special technical means.
In the free market there are special devices that mimic the presence of home owners : some include light schedule , others - music. Electrical work will not only create the illusion of external life , but also affect the performance counter , and it is for them robbers often focused .

It offers another interesting way home to confuse burglars : oddly enough, but can create the illusion of presence on the balcony allegedly posted after washing laundry. However, this approach to the case of short -out , because two weeks hanging on the balcony the same things can serve , on the contrary , proof that no one is home .

However, such measures can deter only petty thieves . Experienced burglars , according to experts , to easily calculate the hype .

Technology to help us

In case the robbers still tried to enter the apartment, too, there are relatively inexpensive and easy to use devices - for example, different kinds of howler monkeys , sirens , responsive to opening doors and movement. But they do not scare everyone, and much depends on rapid response neighbors.

However , it is possible to establish a more artful device, such as a motion sensor with output via GPS on a mobile phone . This small device is attached to the front door and is triggered by opening the sending mobile phone owner's alarm message.

However, before you buy a similar sensor , ask , what is phone sim cards it works. Of course, in this case, you should always be in touch and be able to when an alarm is received promptly call the police.

Household " hide and seek "

Leave valuables at home and documents at the time of departure is not necessary. Better to transfer them to the native or rent a cell bank . You can also install a hidden safe house - its hard to find and open .

" Do not hide valuables in the " stereotypical " places : in lingerie on a closet shelf , under the mattress , in a tank of the toilet , in all sorts of boxes, books. Indeed apartment thieves - not aliens from another planet , they are long on these " caches "know . Be original .. Some of the worst places to store values ​​that are objects , which are themselves interested in many intruders. So , hiding valuables in the speaker cabinet or TV hosts at risk of losing everything at once .

As for money , the expert recommends not to hide the entire amount in one place. If it is large , you can go to the trick and intentionally leave more accessible places 1-2 small amounts: it can stop the criminal from further searches , and most of your valuables will remain intact.

Fuelling the fire , only safe

Housing need to protect not only against external threats , but also from their own carelessness and negligence. And especially fire safety rules , because statistics during the Christmas holidays the number of fires increased by approximately 4 times.

The most common cause of fire during the holidays become open fire : matches, candles , sparklers , sparks crackers , firecrackers and rockets . Therefore , basic safety precautions should be taken exactly on these sources of ignition . Their use near curtains, curtains , artificial fir trees and Christmas decorations that are highly flammable , extremely dangerous and should be as limited.

Attention paid to experts advise Children's costumes , especially those that are sold in pre-holiday bustle at an incredibly low price. Many of them are made of easily flammable materials and are ready to erupt from any sparks.

Launch a rocket launcher or fireworks only need on the street, keeping all items instructions. Do not try to run them from the balconies of the apartments , you could end up not only fire, but also serious injuries , even death .

Another potentially dangerous source of ignition are appliances .

The fact that during the holidays many times increases the number of appliances connected to the same outlet. While at home , you can still keep an eye on the TV, audio systems and heaters especially in a pinch - take some action . But leave them unattended dangerous , if in office , industrial premises to changing circumstances may respond sprinkler system, then in an apartment fire will spread unchecked .

Do not leave on overnight and especially at the time of leaving home electrogarlands : quality of such goods in the markets is poor.

Finally, another cause of fires during the holidays is alcohol abuse , which leads to carelessness , negligence, misuse of electrical appliances, pyrotechnics, smoke in bed and violation of a number of fire safety rules . In this case, the expert leaves the remark "no comment" , because , after all, the safety of tenants and their guests - in their own hands.
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