How to plan your own house?

29.09.2010 03:05
Articles about the construction | How to plan your own house? What is the principal in the development of interior design at home, in deciding how much to rooms or non-residential premises? Unambiguously requests that family, which is going to live in this house, that is, may affect the number of members of this family, and age, as well as the existing relationship and world view. Ideally, their own bedroom should be at everyone who is a member of the family, and still need to add a living room, where there would be collecting the entire family that is here, according to scientists, would fit the formula n 1, where n-number of members of the family. As a consequence, the presence of everyone in the room, but without a common gathering place is the cause of many family troubles and squabbles.

With regard to the construction of houses outside the city limits, it works here the principle that the number of rooms in it must match what is in an apartment in the city. For the average family, where the number of members varies from three to four, as well as young families, where the addition is only expected to be useful to the presence in the house of the three living rooms, families as large in size - to be required more living rooms.

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By the way, the planning interior design of private homes, must take into account the principle of dividing the house in a residential area and an auxiliary area.

Much more profitable is the way in which the risers and pipes (ie, utilities) are grouped, it will also preserve the integrity of the walls. Currently, there are homes where there is only a load-bearing walls, and towers above, as well as staircases and toilets, only outlined. Lay in the house can be adjusted at will - just move the partition, it is also built-in wardrobe, that does not require the intervention of a large number of construction workers.

The living area is, first of all, bedrooms, children's, and here is a living room, dining room, porch, perhaps an office, guest room. For non-residential (or auxiliary) zone include dressing room (and front), kitchen, toilet, there is a garage, sauna or a boiler, as well as other facilities.

In the presence of the developed plan, later you will solve the problem (not zabyvayao councils architect) on the presence in the house cellar or basement, number of floors above ground, whether built attic or garage. The plan should involve the full list of what you want in the house, but do not forget to consider the sequence of construction of premises, highlighting the priority and what is built later. However, what will be built at the beginning, must have a coherent structure and composition.

So, we learned what are the kinds of facilities, as well as basic requirements for these premises have other tips on construction. Propose to evaluate the house as a whole, full of architectural design. Architecture is a fusion of two principles, that is, despite the appointment of a purely material home, you can not forget the aesthetic component of architecture, since the house is not only what is contained within, but also how he catches the eye from the outside.
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