How to make a garden path in the country

25.04.2014 01:15
Articles about the construction | How to make a garden path in the country The width of a garden path

The width depends on the functional purpose . For example , the main walking paths should be so wide that it could pass for two people - 1-1.2 m Tracks that have utilitarian value (for work in the garden, for the passage in the Horticultural area or bathroom ) , enough to make wide 0.5-0.9 m

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Types of garden paths

There are hard , soft and combined sidewalks . Tough track can be made from paving slabs , concrete, brick, clinker , and soft - made ​​of pebbles , gravel, sand , wood chips . In the combined paths are combined materials of two types. Typically, the space between the solid materials are filled with soft. Besides walking and functional garden paths , we must remember also about race car .

Choose the type of track and the material is determined by the overall plot and landscape architecture of the country house . For example, proximity to the pine forest or the presence of conifers in the area and need a garden path or soft limestone of chips or bark. If the base is lined with houses under a rock , and then track relevant similar species.

Reason for track

You can not just lay tiles on the ground - requires base . Once tracks are laid out and marked, removed sod and dug a small layer of the earth . The depth should be between 10 to 20 cm, depending on the material of the track. In trench poured layer of rubble that will drain cover. Also need a border, which not only has a decorative function, but also gives the coating material " raspolztis " with time.

Track of paving slabs

Very common material. Section gives a neat finished look. Tile thickness - 45-80 mm. Material presented today a multitude of colors .

Concrete pavers - modern version of paving slabs , and is vibropressing vibrolitya . The first is characterized by durability and frost . Porous material , without hydrophobic treatment winter risks from a sharp crack mechanical action. Vibrolitya tiles, on the contrary, has a smooth surface and a wider choice of colors .

Track made ​​of natural stone

Traditional material . Today there are about 10 types of stones , the most common - granite and sandstone . Granite is very durable material , has many shades of red, gray and green .

Quality sandstone depends on the depth of rock processing , but in general are also very durable and strong material . Well look of slate walkway . This laminate is of volcanic origin. Good for garden paths shale .

Track of the clinker

Pretty expensive stuff, but it's worth it . Clinker , unlike conventional brick , does not absorb moisture , which means hardy . This is achieved by a special technology : selection of relevant clays , adding special additives , firing technique . Material is durable so that suitable even for driveways.

Soft garden paths

Prepared base paths can be filled with pebbles, brick grit , coarse sand or wood chips , shredded bark , pine nut shell . Of the benefits - they can quickly make the most of the minuses - require constant care . In soft material and strive to be got weeds , they need to from time to time to pour .
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